Monday, 4 June 2007

cool dude

Mikayla you sure are a dag,you just love dressing up regardless of what you put on.There is know doubt that you are a drama queen come poser come want to be ballerina.You have such a strong will and determination that you will go far in your life for sure.We had a busy weekend this weekend.We had Kylie and Debbie for tea on friday night,then Saturday i spent sometime donig house work,and had my sister and her family for tea. Then on Sunday Colin went to watch port play ,i finshed this layout finally,it has taken me about two weeks to get motivated to finsh it as i decided that i would cut out all the flowers then machine stitch them on.Well 6 days to go until we get to Queensland warmth yippee.This is the best time to go to Queensland not much in the way of humidity and also not cold like Adelaide is at the moment,we have been getting down to 5 degrees at night.And congrtulatins to Donna and Bec for opening there new scrapbooking shop in bloomfield street Cleveland best of luck to you two girls in your new venture.Sorry Donna i can't remeber the name of the shop.You will have to post a link to my site,i do have some new friends in Queensland that would love your shop,as you have great taste.Anyway have agreta week and i will talk to you all soon,maybe not until after my holiday.take care Love Kerry