Sunday, 31 January 2010

Some exciting news and just a couple of things that i have been upto.

Little miss modeling for me in the tshirt that i decorated for her to go with her skirt that i made.

Don't you just love this skirt well i do.Thanks so much to my good friend Janine she drafted this pattern for daughter and allowed me to trace one off for Mikayla.I pit this together last night and just love the fresh look of it.

And the invitations for Travis and Carla's English wedding invitations they took me about a week and a few days very fiddly but i was happy with the end result. Now i have to hope and pray that they get there safely.
And last but not least i have been keeping a little secret.I applied to be on the creative team of scrap the girls and i have been chosen as one of them.I am looking forward to working with all the other very talented ladies.And congratulations to the other ladies that have got through too.

Scrap the girls have a monthly challenge and only females are allowed to be scrapped.

So come and join up and be a follower and do the challenges each month there are great prizes to be one.The next challenge will be up tomorrow and it is a fabulous one.
Click on this link and that will take you there come on you know you want to play.Thanks Kate for inviting me to be on your CT i am looking forward to all the new challenges that you will bring.

And the other secret is that Vanessa from scrapwithv has asked me to join as a kit designer for her site.How cool is that,i was on there design team for a couple of years.Just with work commitments and family it was really hard to to be able to post and be part of a great site and help with things on the forum.This is a great fit now as it suits me not to be on a dt and commit to the many hours that is required to keep a forum going.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Bons Scraps are having a game on while the boss is away
GET YOUR GAME ON - register now!!!

so we thought wouldn't it be great to have two weeks worth of fun and games and challenges while bon is away on holidays having FUN with Sandie and the WA girls.... we didn't want it to be QUIET here - so lets PARTAYYYY!!!!there will be chances to gain points through numerous activities during the time bon is away....* put up your post tally at the start of the comp - you will receive 5 points for every 100 posts you make* every Bon's Challenge layout you create during Game On will receive 5 points* you will receive 1 point for participation when joining games, challenges etc, winners will receive 5 points
we will be having scrap n chat nights, bingo, blog-hopping, photography & random challenges - all sorts!!! so make sure you REGISTER for it!!!

ps challenge one has something to do with another blog-train - come and join us!!!

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Build a page sketch prima and some more pics.

And look at the two terrors they get on so well together.They were playing in the tree pretending that there were lions and tigers and bears there.Such imaginations.

This was my favourite for the day.Thanks Kim for bringing the girls down to get some pics it was lovely to chat and relax.Mikayla had a ball.
An she is so adorable.

You would think that butter wouldn't melt in McKenzie's mouth but we know better.
And Riley is so sweet she is like a little angel.

Little cherub.

And the skirt that i made today with the t shirt which i appliqued.Thanks Janine for letting me draft the pattern.I also have put another skirt together but i ran out of one of the fabrics.I hope to get that one finished by the end of the week.

I did this layout for the prima blog Jan build a page.I have so many pics of Travis and Carla from there Australian wedding.I thought this would be a good way to get a few on a page.
I hope that you all have had agreat day off for Australia day i know i have.
We were busy cleaning and sewing and rearranging stuff so i feel like i have achieved something for the day.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

I had a fun day taking some pics of my girlfriends Chantee children and her.

Chantee with her girls they are so sweet.Thanks for the lovely morning and allowing me to capture your girls Chantee.

An angelic angel

And the cutest little bee.
And Ella she is so cute but gosh we had to work hard to get a pic of her smiling.

And big sister Alex she was so was easy to photograph.

And Vienna looking so sweet.

And little miss getting some action

Last one Colin wanted a pic for his phone he took this.I also went to Janine"s Friday night had a great chat with her and Hilary.Managed to complete a double except the title.I did the prima sketch for January.Will finish and upload in the next day or too.Still doing wedding invites for Travis's English wedding.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

a few pics and a cybercrop at Bons tonight.

I rarley have my picture taken i was playing with settings and got my girlfriend Lea to take the shot.

And of course no show without punch.

I could just sqeeze her soooo tight.

Where?The Bon's Scraps CC of course!on TUESDAY 19th - and it runs til the following Tuesday - heaps of time to get your entries in!!! Sign up HERE to join in.... :-)

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Loving the colours in these layouts.

I just love this pic of Mikayla.Lots of technique on this layout .I have masked it and crackled it as well.Loving the new punches too.

And with some of the left over crackling paper i added to this layout.I was inspired by Steph Devlin with the transparent piece on the side .She has used a hambly transparency and i have stamped my own i was pleased how it came out.There are a couple of transparent frames on the page as well the picture didn't really show then though.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

some help required for cards and also a layout to share.

Can you believe that this is the house that i spent my younger years in living with two brothers and two sisters and my mum and dad.My brother took this pic while he was over at kangaroo island at xmas time.I cant believe we all fitted in it.
A pic of Col and i just had to scarp it.

And finally some cards that i made for a friend Gigi her son has Autism and she is raising money for a special sensory room for his school.So if any of my friends that do cards or even if you don't i would love to see if you could help too.Please let me know what you can help with to raise money for these children as they need to raise about $5000 dollars and these days that's not easy.

I have made ten cards and really it took me about two hours and loads of scraps that I'm sure you all have in your stash.Even if you can make 1 or 2 that's a couple more than none.Any little bit will do.If you can't i understand.A gold coin donation would also go along way.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.Just let me know.Take care Kerry xx

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Don't you just love little babies i do.Riley is so sweet congrats to Kym ,Mark and Mackenzie on your daughter and sister.

She is adorable here just love this pic.

And what is an update if the little miss wasn't in it.

This would have to be one of my most favourite shots ever cant wait to scrap it.And yes i finally scrapped another layout.Well i started this by default at Janine's Saturday.I actually forgot to take the photos that i wanted to use so i found this by luck in my scrap bag.
And the papers were already cut from ages ago,i don't even know what they are that's how old they are.
But they are so bright and bold i love how it came together.And i am 3/4's through another layout on a roll.
Thanks for the catch up Janine it was nice to catch up and chat been a while.And it was great to catch up with Kym as well and have a cuddle of Riley.Well Mikayla has been bugging me all day to take the christmas tree down so i better go and do it.
Happy new year to everyone who visits here i hope that the new year brings you loads of joy and good fortune.xx