Thursday, 30 August 2007

one sunny day

This is the layout that i have done for scrap therapy design team application.We had to emboss use three photos and buttons.I hope that you like this layout and if so and you are a member of scrap therapy go across and vote for who you would like to see go threw to the next round.

here comes trouble

This a photo from Carly's wedding my great nephew Ajay and Mikayla. Mikayla had just finished having screaming fit before this.Ajay thought he was pretty cool being able to ride this bike upto the wedding.I still have loads of photos that i have to do of Carly's wedding ,come to think of it i have just got loads of photos.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Here is a couple of photos from Lukes birthday party last Saturday,Luke is Mikayla's little friend that she goes to storytime with on Fridays .His family have been family friends with me for about 20 years we have now got children the same age.Melissa Luke's mum is Mikayla's god mother.In the photo there is Blane lukes buddy from kindy music his Cousin Emily and of course the ratbag on the end is Mikayla.

Well for anyone that dosen't know which would be quite a few of you i have applied for a fulltime dt position at scrap therapy i have been lucky enough to be chosen for the top twenty.There is only one more position left and the forum members get to vote this one so if you are a member come on and vote for who you would like to see as there final dt.If your not a member then sign up it is a very imformative site and they are a great bunch of girls.

The voting for the next round starts at the end of the week i think .I have to have my layout up by Friday night midnight.We had to use buttons,embossing and three photos i have this covered.I hope that you all like my layout.I'm working on it at the moment so won't be long and it will be up at the site ,i will post it here as well.Have a great week i will chat soon take care Kerry.xo

Friday, 24 August 2007

This is my last layout for the 123 challenge it was fancy edges and paints and bling it has all three.
and look at those two little cuties they are real little buddies and Luke turns two this Sunday happy birthday Luke for Sunday.We are going to his party tommorow at the inside cafe playcentre,Mikayla and Luke love playing there.

Pay it forward

Also thanks Karen for the rak for paying it forward.
This works in a way that the first three people that comment on this
get a rak sent to them by me.So what's stopping you comment quickly and you will get
the rak.As far as i know mainly scrappers read this blog so it will be a scrapbooking rak.
If you happen to be in the first three you then post this on your blog and pay it forward to three more people.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Well to my surprise i have been named Rockin' Girl Blogger thanks to Karen my friend from the scrapbooking retreat that we had here in Adelaide.Karen is also one of the people's blogs that i read at least once a week you can find her by clicking on Karen on the side bar of my blog.I am going to name two people that i think that should also have this little icon the first is Lea,she has helped me heaps with all the silly things that i don't know about up loading things to my computer and she is also a stamping up rep.Thanks for all your help Lea it is really appreciated you are a gem. And to the other Rockin Blogger i am going to name Jodi , she is a really nice person and she is currently doing the 365 day challenge taking a photo of herself one a day and posting it too her blog.So come on over and get your little icon and you can be a rockin girl blogger as well.And also make sure that you pick two more people to rockin girl bloggers as well and link them back to your site.As you will link yours back to my site.


This is my next layout for the 123 challenge blog one more to do that one has me a bit stumped don't know what to do yet.This photo was taken at Carly's wedding another shot where Mikayla was quite upset.Come to think of it not one photo she had taken on the day was she happy in.

Me in a Nutshell

This is another layout that i have done for the 123 challenge,another photo taken at Carlys wedding i liked this better than the first one i did.

Sisters forever always

Mikayla and Kylie blowing Kylie's candles out on her birthday.Mikayla was most upset that that we were not singing happy birthday to her.She loves blowing other peoples candles out.I think everyone that has had a birthday in our family has had Mikayla sharing candle blowing with.I have done this layout for the 123 challenge blog,August comp.

Sunday, 19 August 2007

This was my black and white entry for cyberscraps.Isn't the face on Mikayla just terrific sultry little so and so.This layout was inspired by Janine at scrapbookstation in Adelaide,She is a wealth of knowledge and i do like going and learning new things,It is a great way to use up your scraps.I have had a busy week scrapping and also fitting work in plus taking Mikayla to jitterbugs ,kindy and story time.This week will be another busy one again i suppose it keeps me off the streets.I went to scrapbooking today just for something different and learnt a little bit more about mod podge i finished three layouts i will share them with you when i take some photos.I hope everyone has a great week and i will catch up for another chat maybe at the end of the week.Take care Love Kerry

About me

This is a layout that i finshed for a cybercrop For cyberscraps in Queensland.I was originally doing this layout for the 123 challenge then because i have entered it at cyberscraps i can't enter it at two places at once so i will now have to do another one for 123 challenge should have read the fine print that will teach me.I was really pleased how this turned out,i love this paper range from basic grey.

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Heaven sent Angels

This is my layout that i did today, well take a look at the heading it is says heaven sent Angels.Not after today when Mikayla decided to be artistic with this layout she decided that it needed more colour and also a bit of cutting.She has cut this layout all the way down the right hand side with little snip evenly placed,then she coloured the bottom right hand corner.I caught her just as she had finished.She normally sits at the table with me while i scrap and she draws,i'm guessing that she wanted to scrap also.I was so angry i wanted to throttle her as two hours of cutting sanding was ruined in 5 minutes of her own pleasure.Colin came home just after this happened when i was still fuming and said well she watches you do it so what can i expect.That bought some calm to my thoughts.Well looks like i will just have to keep it as a memory.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

I have done this one for a challange ,and i'm stoked with the colours and i think that it turned out great.Anyway thanks to evryone that comes and has a look at my blog,i try and go to my friends blogs each week and leave comments.

I haven't been upto much this weekend other than scrap,i have about five pages that i would like to get done before the end of the month for challenges don't know how i will go but i will give it a go.

I hope that you all have a great week and i will speak to you soon.And don't forget if you come and view my blog i would love you to leave a comment.

A Proud Moment

The latest news on this layout is that i entered it into the basic grey gallery and it got accepted so i'm really stoked in this maybe i might get a publication oneday.

This is another one that i started a couple of weeks ago and thought thta i better get on and finish it.


hi everyone,
I have been pondering over this layout for two weeks not knowing what to do with it i finally finished it yesterday afternoon.I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.

Monday, 6 August 2007


I also done this one on Saturday night watching seventh heaven and cutting out all the little flowers and scrolls.The bull dog clip that i used for the tag came from my friend Lea in a swap thanks Lea.I hand done the scallops and also hand doodling on the page.I have done this layout for a new website based in the USA called
Thanks to Karen i found this site from her blog,it looks like a great place to be.
Also great news i one another $30.00 voucher for my layout on Lily thanks Cass for the photo now i will get to sending it to you.And also thanks to scrapbookstation for the great prize,i was able to purchase the stamps that i wanted.
We have had a busy weekend ,we went to the football to watch centrals and the eagles on Saturday afternoon ,we went to the luncheon before the game and had a really nice day.It was good to have a day out with Colin's eldest daughter Kylie and her boyfriend Alex and to have an afternoon free to ourselves thanks Carly once again for babysitting.Sunday was spent with a lazy morning then out to lunch with Debbie and Luke and also Karen and Tarkyn.Thanks for meeting up with us we had a lovely afternoon and Mikayla was pretty excited about seeing Tark as she calls him.He has grown so much he is now four months old and a very strong little boy.So thanks to all three girls for taking the time out from your days to meet up with us,Mikayla loves seeing all of you and to Debbie she would love to go to the show so i will keep you to that.
That's all for now i hope that you all have a great week and i will speak to you soon.take care
love Kerry


This is one of my layouts that i have done this week i have done this one for a challenge on the scrap with v website.Although this is not my nan i wanted to do this layout as this nan is the closest i get to having a nan,both of my nan's passed away many years ago.This is my best friends Anita's mum.I was really pleased with the colour combination thanks for your help Karen from scrapbookstation.Nan has now been a part of my life for about twenty years.She has been a great friend and when i used to live in Adelaide the first time i would quite often see her and we would go to the pictures together.I would now see her maybe once a fortnight for a small amount of time she always loves a chat and i love her dearly.