Monday, 29 December 2008

Finally the pics of the prima win and also a couple of special pics too.

Our grand daughter Indianna on her christening day.She was a perfect angel too.

How can you not adore this face i think that's why she gets away with so much little monkey.
We bought miss m her very own scrapbooking stash.You should have seen her face when she opened it.It was oh mummy look my very own scrapbooking she was so thrilled.She wanted to get it all out then and there.I will have sit down and scrap with her as there are loads of little bits that a three year old probably shouldnt have yet.
And of course when Mikayla seen me taking my pics of my prima prize she had to get her camera and take her very own pic too lol.

And here is my pics of the fab prize that i one that i have been promising to put up.It is just fantastic and i'm so looking forward to creating with it too.Thanks so much again prima you really made my year..
Well on that note i hope that everyone out there has a great new year looking forward to a bigger and better 2009.Till next time take care Love Kerry xx

Monday, 22 December 2008

Its been a while

It has been a while since i blogged but i have been really busy with work and social outings.
I went to Brisbane and got to meet Heidi Swapp that was a great day.Caught up with a load of girls that i haven't seen for a while.

Heidi and me.

I got to finally meet Jolene she is really sweet.And i just found out that she one an award in the creative paper for keeps mag for excellence in design Very well deserved the layout was beautiful.
I also got the chance to catch up with my nieces Jasmin and Zowie too,Arn"t they adorable.

And we had a Christmas dinner with Travis and Carla before they left for England last week.Travis gave Lachlan the Hawthorn hat not too sure about that lol.And of course no show without punch.

And also congratulations to a very good friend of mine for making the elite team for for keeps creative paper.Buy the mag and take a look at the amazing array of layouts from all the entrants that one prizes.Also to one a prize for excellence in photography.

And last of all i received my box of goodies today from prima what an amazing prize i will have to take a pick and post it up.I cant wait to get stuck into some of these.Thanks again prima for the fantastic prize and comp. And i would like to wish you all a merry xmas and a very happy newyear.I will be back soon to share some layouts.Take care Kerryxx

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Acouple of layouts that i have had on the go for a couple of weeks.

I started this layout probably two weeks ago but never had a pic that i wanted to use then Paul took this pic the other weekend it was perfect for it.

And here is pa and Lachlan having a moment .Lachlan was about 6 weeks here.
well im off to Heidi Swapp on Saturday so look out Brissie here i come.I hope that you all have a great weekend. take care Love Kerryxx

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Congratulations Trent and Kate on your engagement.

Congratulations Trent and Kate on your engagement. You both are very happy and are now moving onto a new chapter in your life together.I hope that all your dreams and hopes come true.I'm glad that you arrived safely in Darwin after a 7 day trip good luck with your first day in your new job Trent.I hope that you enjoy your posting with the army and we are all very proud of your achievements so far.

Daddy and Mikayla before the engagement party.

Mummy and Mikayla before the party.

Travis and i at the party and that mow just has to go hopefully the next time i see you it will be shaved off.And i was surprised to see how much we really do look alike in this pic.Except the mow of course or maybe not lol.He did it for the mowvember month i think he looks like a 70's porn star.What do you think does he?.Also do you think he looks like me.?

And of course Lachlan looking like he is enjoying every minute of the party too.

And my sister and me.I'm the chubby one on the left lol.

And the 21st birthday party the next day and i think Mikayla looks so cute here.And my nephew Paul took this pic of Mikayla i think she looks like an angel i have already started to scrap this i loved the pic so much.

This months December kit at

So if you like what you see take a look and purchase this kit .There is enough product to make two layouts and complete instructions too @ $19.95 for the kit.

Boy that was a big post too and i haven't even had time to complete a layout this week got a couple of them half finished on my scrap table.
I'm off to sunny Brisbane too see Heidi Swapp this weekend how cool will that be.It only is if you are a scrapper lol.I am also catching up with Jolene and some other lovely ladies for a bit of a scrap Sunday,and i will be meeting up with Ness,Lindy,Kylie and Millie from scrapwithv at the heidi day and out for dinner with them Saturday night .It will be great to catch up with you all looking forward to it.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

A few layouts to share from this weeks scrapping sill have one to go.

Mikayla and her cousin they are such great buddies

Travis and his nephew he adores him.

Jason and Lachlan this is for this weeks color combo. #98. We have had a busy weekend thats for sure .We had an engagement party a 21st i had a class to go to as well so no rest for the I hope that your week ahead is not to busy .
I also so got an award for my blog this week from the lovely Leanne c thanks Leanne i will put this up next time i post.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I came second in the prima bab comp i'm still in shock.

Well i can share my secret now if you go take a look at this
I was thrilled and very excited when i got the email.I was also very shocked to think that my album placed.

I really loved this album when i had finished it .I remember it just came together easily that was the best part.And thanks so much to the judges at prima for picking my album .I will post a couple of pics here again even though i have put this up before on my blog this is one very proud moment for me.I nearly didnt even bother as i thought that it would be not good enough as there is so much talent out there and im so glad i did now.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Just managed one layout.= color combo 97#

I have a small secret that i can not tell for now,but very soon it will be revealed and i'm so excited.So stay tuned for more.I hope every one is having a great week and we are really getting so close to chrissie.Mikayla is getting very excited just at the thought of it.She loves all the xmas lights.And of course it will be Lachlan's first chrissie too as well as Indianna's so fun for all.

Just got one layout done.Color combo challenge 97# Lachlan and his little buddy Hudson.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

How close is christmas

Lachlan is ready for christmas too.Carly took this pic of him i downloaded it so i could scrap it.The weeks are just flying by christmas is getting so close.Slowly paying the xmas laybys off.I'm still working for now so that been one positive.Anyway have a great week and i will chat soon take care Kerry xx

I love the ne webster pages papers they are so pretty.I added some beautiful velvet flowers as well.

Color combo #96 i like how this turned out too.

Monday, 10 November 2008

I got the chance to finish one layout for swv cyber crop on the weekend

A beach photo shoot for this years Christmas cards.

I don't know which one i like better.

Which one do you think.

And of course we have to add a pic of the little miss blowing kisses to Santa on the TV .She had just come back from the pageant and the magic cave a big day out with my sister.She hasn't stopped talking about it.And asked Santa for pencils how cute.My sister was surprised how many people stopped and said how cute she was .The funniest part is she pretended that it was her daughter lol.

I bought this paper from Nic Howard i love the prima papers they are just so great to work with.I have water coloured and also used texta and glimmer mist on this.Mikayla with her godmother auntie Neat.

I done this layout for swv cyber crop on the weekend you had to use pink and black use dodgy pics felt and a circle.The pics are a bit out of focus and they are blurry when blown up.And there was too much light shining in also.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

color combo 95

A couple of close ups

This is my take on the color combo for this week.Well another lot of colors that i just never ever use.I was able to find all of them in my stash so that's great.Getting to use papers that i would have probably just hoarded.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

combo 94 and a couple of challenge layouts from chook scraps

Color combo 94 you had to use gold,lime white and a charcoal i actually liked this combo.

Chook scraps challenge this one was to use pink.I have done this for the girls crop in night i only got to complete 2 layouts as i wanted to do the color combo one as well.I was asked by Lorraine over at chooks if they called auction my services for making a layout for raising money for cancer i was honoured to be asked.I also helped my sister with three pages to complete her sons army album so i was really busy last night scrapping until 1.00 am this morning.

And this was also a challenge at chooks scrapping with orange and black using transparencies ,stamping and paint.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

color combo 93

Well i decided to do the color challenge on the color challenge blog.My friend Belinda is on the design team there so i thought i would go out of my comfort zone and give it ago.Excuse the crooked picture after four goes i though I'm not taking another one lol.And also a couple of close ups too.

The picture was taken by Belinda on one of my trips that i have been to visit her and her family.I changed the pic into black and white as it was easier to match the colours too.Mikayla and i have taken a couple of road trips together this year This is not any colours that i would usually use so I'm pleased with the outcome what do you think?

A close up The purple flower was inspired by Steph i seen that she had done some similar on the Aussie scrap source blog.I punched the Crete paper with my circle punches then inked them to the color i wanted.Thanks Steph for a great idea just something different i think.

The other close up from this layout.

And of course this layout i did the other week for the swv cyber crop we had this as a challenge the dt.I have actually changed it to what i did the first time round One of the challenges was to put a mini book on the layout i wasn't happy with what that looked like so i have have changed that part of the layout.I one the challenge lol.
You had to make a mini book scrap at least one triangle use the colour yellow.I had that all covered.

Here is the original i have got the mini book sitting on my cupboard now.Well that me for another few days have a great week take care Kerry xx