Sunday, 7 December 2008

Congratulations Trent and Kate on your engagement.

Congratulations Trent and Kate on your engagement. You both are very happy and are now moving onto a new chapter in your life together.I hope that all your dreams and hopes come true.I'm glad that you arrived safely in Darwin after a 7 day trip good luck with your first day in your new job Trent.I hope that you enjoy your posting with the army and we are all very proud of your achievements so far.

Daddy and Mikayla before the engagement party.

Mummy and Mikayla before the party.

Travis and i at the party and that mow just has to go hopefully the next time i see you it will be shaved off.And i was surprised to see how much we really do look alike in this pic.Except the mow of course or maybe not lol.He did it for the mowvember month i think he looks like a 70's porn star.What do you think does he?.Also do you think he looks like me.?

And of course Lachlan looking like he is enjoying every minute of the party too.

And my sister and me.I'm the chubby one on the left lol.

And the 21st birthday party the next day and i think Mikayla looks so cute here.And my nephew Paul took this pic of Mikayla i think she looks like an angel i have already started to scrap this i loved the pic so much.

This months December kit at

So if you like what you see take a look and purchase this kit .There is enough product to make two layouts and complete instructions too @ $19.95 for the kit.

Boy that was a big post too and i haven't even had time to complete a layout this week got a couple of them half finished on my scrap table.
I'm off to sunny Brisbane too see Heidi Swapp this weekend how cool will that be.It only is if you are a scrapper lol.I am also catching up with Jolene and some other lovely ladies for a bit of a scrap Sunday,and i will be meeting up with Ness,Lindy,Kylie and Millie from scrapwithv at the heidi day and out for dinner with them Saturday night .It will be great to catch up with you all looking forward to it.


Jodi said...

Your going to Brisbane!!! Lucky DUck!! Im so jealous!!!Love all your photos and yes I agree with you about Travis's mo. Not nearly as sexy, but a bit creapy!! As all the guys were with their mos!!!!
Love the chrissy layouts!!
Take Care Jodi XX

LEA said...

Lovely family photos Kerry-there's one I especially love of you, you look so happy. Must have been a great engagement! Yep I think Travis may look a tad like a 70's porn star and you two do look alike in that pic-not that you look like a 70's porn start pmsl, if you know what I mean. Ok I think it might be wise for me to stop now!!! Have a great week:)

Belinda Venables said...

OMG!! Without seeing what you had written and only looked at Travis' photo I instantly thought '70's porn star' eeewwww! Tell him to never grow one I agree with Jodi - just a tad creepy..pmsl!

Have fun at you're excited! You'll have a ball I'm sure!


lindy said...

Love all your pics looks like you had a great time...
looking forward to HS pity Jodi girl isn't coming

Janinek said...

Yes you and Travis look heaps alike, except for the mow!!! yes he looks like a 70's port star with that mow! LOL! The pic of Mikayla in black and white is absolutely beautiful. I am also very jealous of you going to Heidi Swapp this weekend. Oh how I would love a scrappy break! One day.....

Ness said...

Great pics Kerry, looking forward to catching up with you this weekend.