Tuesday, 28 December 2010

It was great having all my children together especially at xmas

  Me and my boy

 Mikayla and Travis she has missed him so much it was lovely too see them play together.
 Lachlan and Mikayla
 Carly,Jason and Lachlan

Travis Carla,Lachlan and Mikayla

It was sad to see Carla and Travis leave today back to England but it was also lovely being able to catchup with them too.It was for the saddest of reasons but it also brought us back together for a few weeks.Safe journey home to you both.And we will see you soon in the next couple of months for a much happier occasion next time.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The color room #37 and a couple of cards

                                       I have soo many of these colors that i have made two layouts.I have used scrapmatts swirls on the above page and ther lampost ,little bird and butterfly.

 I also created some cards
I have been away on the weekend Mikayla and i went on a road trip down to Mount Gambier.We had a lovely time with Charm and her family.Thanks so much for your hospitality Charm it took my mind off a very sad and depressing week.And thank you for being such an amazing non judgmental friend.You sure are a compassionate person they do not come around very often.

When i got home i did realize that the week has to start again,I am going with Travis today for support while he views Don,and tomorrow will be his funeral,such a sad sad couple of days and my thoughts are with his parents such a tragic loss for them.May you rest in peace Don we love you and miss you.
And to Travis may you find the strength to get through some of the toughest days ahead we are here for you and we love you unconditionally.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

A devasting loss of life

To my sons best friend Donald Charles Williams may you rest in peace.You have been in our lives for such a longtime that it is going to be so hard not to miss you constantly.You have travelled the world and run a muk with Travis and have done so many crazy and dangerous things along the way.
You are such a infectious beautiful boy and a lovable rouge.It is such a sad loss of life,You died on your birthday at 31 years of age.I will always remember your cheeky grin and those shirts that you had me iron for you.I am so glad that we had the chance of being a part of your life rest in peace buddy we love you xx

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The color room #35

Well these are another lot of colors that i wwould rarely use But put them altogether and they are stunning.I was certainly inspired by Stephs paper choice this week and i had  just bought this range last week myself so couldn't have been better timing.I feel in love with the flowers is that a surprise anyone that knows me knows i am a flower freak.And they know that i always cut out flowers and patterned paper i have been told that i am crazy do you think ,no don't answer that.

Emmaline did this double bow a few weeks ago and i loved the look of it so i have done one that i like.I have used the a base of a sketch that i found on www.sketchsavvyblogspot.com number #13 by Susan Stringfellow,I swung the sketch around to suit what i wanted.They have some great sketches on the site whether you use them all or just a bit they give yo a bit of inspiration that's for sure.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Please help if you can

To help out a friend sometimes there are just diamonds in this world and Lea is certainly one.
I have known Lea through scrapbooking for a few  years now and she is an amazing mum
and also really puts alot of effort into fundraising for the West Mead hospital Sydney.
I would love it you could help her out with her funraising to help find a cure to Cystic Fibrosis.
Please take a look on her blog and if you can help in any way that would be amazing.
Have a great day.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

123 challenge and scrap the girls.

 123 challenge blog for this month was tissue paper,the word OH and pink.
Scrap the girls was use two colors from the list they provided i decided the red and green,And thanks again Bronny for the beautiful flowers.Bronny sells these if you need anymore info just contact me.
And i have used the scrapmatts swirls and butterflies on this layout.
So come along and play it will be fun click on my side bar on these two challenge sites.Great prizes to be won.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Dare to dream

have used a sketch as a base for this layout from www.sketchsavvy.blogspot.com and the colors are form the color room from this week.

The large red flower on the layout were from a friend Bronny from bons thanks Bronny and the heart was from Charm from Bons and the cute little Angel was from Trina from scrapbooking top 50.
I met Trina on Saturday night at Charms house down in Mount Gambier where she was making these lovely angels that she was making for a swap.I stole one tee hee not really she was kind enough to give me one and i am very grateful.Also Bronny is making these really beautiful flowers out of silk just loved them so i scored some too.I made the fabric calico flowers from some of Charms calico and the letters were from her stash too.Gosh sounds like i forgot everything but i didn't.Thanks for showing me how to make them Charmaine.

The girls had a get together in the Mount and i went down there also,i stayed with Charm and we had a ball.It is nice to scrap with friends that treat you so well like one of the family.The kids are all so adorable.

Have a great week i will upload a couple more layouts tomorrow .

Thursday, 25 November 2010

The color room 33 and a visit to santa as well as a concert.

 Mikayla had her dancing concert last night she was so cute,Look at those lashes and no makeup.She loved her costume even though it cost $98.00 for a nighty .
 We also had a visit with santa.
She wanted to know why santa held a teddy bear i told her he gets lonley sometimes .Her response was but mum  he talks to lots of children

I have used the colors and the sketch from this weeks color room challenge.Lydell does some fantastic sketches i loved this one.The papers are all grant archival papers and the clock is scrapmattsCB 5046 and the wrought iron fence is cb 4001,And the saying is from kaisercraft..=I hope you are all having a fab week.

Monday, 22 November 2010

A new design team

Finally i can spill the beans ,recently there was a call for the scrapmatts design team and i am lucky enough to be one of the girls chosen to be on it.Scrapmatts are a fabulous chipboard company with amazing products i particular have a fetish for birds and bird cages also street lamps and fences,and they do great dress forms and many other beautiful things.

They have just launched there brand new website where you can find all the wonderful products on layouts cards and off the page things.Also come and join up on there site the more the merrier.
Thank you so much to Sofie and Andy for allowing me to be apart of your first ever design team.Fun times ahead.And i am looking forward to all the amazing girls that are on the team.Take care Kerry xx

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Color room #32

The color room for this week so not my colors at all but gave it a go anyway and was happy with the end product.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

The latest edition to our family Harrison Andrew

 Proud Pa he thinks he is the ants pants and tried to take him home.
 I got a cuddle a few times i just Love the smell of new babies they are just so cute and cuddly.
 And Mikayla was a bit scared to hold home i think she thought he might break,on the way home from seeing him she kept calling him Jackson.
 And the little man himself so alert.
Here is the latest edition to our family Harrison Andrew was born on Tuesday afternoon weighing 7lb and 11 ounces.He is doing really well.,congratulations to Kylie and Andy on the arrival of your beautiful baby boy Harrison.May you get complete joy from him.Take care xx

Sunday, 7 November 2010

A photo swap

I swapped pics with Tara and i have done this one of Zayne isin't he adorable i think so.It is nice to be able to scrap another boy as well.I really do need to get some more pics of Lachlan and scrap him more.I loved mixing the websters and prima together.

Saturday, 6 November 2010

color room #31

Such a pretty pallette i really enjoyed donig this one.And i even pulled the cricut machine out.I seen a  banner similar to this in a creative keepsakes mag not sure who the artist was.I am also halfway through another layout for a friend it is anothe cute boy layout.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Color room challenge #30

Hi this is my take on this weeks challenge for the color room.I killed to birds with one stone i have also done this pic of a friends boys Nicolee from Bon's we swapped pics and she scrapped a Mikayla pic and i had a chance to scrap a boy layout.So mixed with the color room this weeks colors were a boy theme.Fantastic pic that Nic took too i love it.
To funny her youngest lad thought that if they were the blues brothers they wouldn't have a bird on there page and there should be guns and more tuff stuff.Gotta love kids don't you.

Monday, 1 November 2010

scrap the girls challenge for November

Scrap the girls for November the challenge is to use the puzzle pieces that is on the scrap with girls blog,Click on the side bar of my blog and you will see what you have to do for this month.There were three circles and Seven different sized pieces of paper along with only being allowed to use three embellishment's one of them had to be a heart.I used my photos as part of the seven different sizes.These pics of Mikayla was when we were in movie world on the gold coast recently.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Love and two birthdays

After having this sign for about two years painted i thought i would finally get around to decorating it.Travis and Carla on there wedding day i took these pics.And i have used the color room palette #29 for the color inspiration..And there are a few bits of chipboard on here too.

And another year rolls by for my stepdaughter Deb happy thirtieth birthday i hope that your day was great looking forward to catching up with you this weekend.Love Kerry dad and Mikayla xx Love you heaps xx

And also happy birthday to my daughter Carly today a big 29 years old gosh where has that time gone just flew i think,seems like yesterday that i gave birth to he.Have a fab day chick love mum,Col and Mikayla xx Love you heaps xx

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


I done this page over the weekend i just fell in love with these new pink paislee papers they are so pretty.And so is the Martha Stewart punch.This is the closest Mikayla will get to a tiger . I have used the distressing around the picture to frame it like i have used before in my September build a page.I really think it frames the page well.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

The color room #29 card and layout.

I have decided to do a layout and card each week for the color room so then when i need one for a birthday i have them on hand.I have already given away last weeks two cards.We have so many members in the family that you need a supply on hand.

All the papers that i have used for this week are Heidi grace papers They went well with the color rooms palette this week.Lydell's sketch for the card and layout was really pretty this week.I had a great birthday
and it was nice to catch up with family and have dinner too.Not long now until our 4th grandchild is born maybe two more  weeks.Fun times ahead.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

yay a great birthday present

I woke up this morning to and email from Dena at websters to tell me that this page is banner of the week i was so impressed .You can find it here http://websterspages.ning.com/
Have  a fab day today i know i will.take care Kerry xx

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Build a page October and another layout for the color room

 October build a page for prima.I have always loved this pic of Lachlan just never have found paper that i liked but love this range of prima papers to scrap a boy layout even with flowers.
 Another layout with the colors from the color room i loved them.
And another card we have alot of birthdays in October so they are handy to have on hand.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

The color room #28

just adored the colors this week they are so pretty and stunning
And i decided to do a card as well.I hope you all have had a good week mine has been busy.Have a fab weekend take care Kerry xx

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A few layouts to share

 I did this for the scrapbook creations comp to be a diva and i never made it.

 This is Lachlan i forgot i had these pics of him.I have used the new prima masks on here some stamping and i really do very few boy layouts.
And this layout is of our wedding day 8 years ago.Colin told me on Sunday that we had been married for 8 years 8 months and 8 days.We were married on 02/02/2002.That was an easy date to remember our anniversary.I cant believe when i did the journalling i wrote so crooked lol.

Monday, 11 October 2010

It would be great to see some of my scrap cyber friends help me with helping Rainer

This is a notice for my friend Gigi and her son Rainer if you can help at all wether to do a class or make a donation any little bit will help.Here is the link to Gigi's blog http://giovanna-shesgotissues.blogspot.com/


I'm very excited to announce that I will be running my first online class on Monday 18th October.

This class is to raise money so that our family can continue with Rainer's medical intervention and behavioural therapy. Currently, our Early Intervention funding through the Federal Government expires on 18th October. While this has been extremely beneficial, we would like the opportunity to continue along the path this funding has placed us on.
When Rainer was finally diagnosed in 2006, we made a decision as a family that I would "retire" from Secondary Teaching and become his full-time carer. It was more important to devote my time, energy and mental health to my own children, rather than others'. We dropped a wage, and our costs tripled as we searched for answers for a very misunderstood and poorly resourced condition.

I went through 4 General Practitioners, 2 Kinesiologists, 2 Speech Therapists, 2 Occupational Therapists, 1 Psychologist and 1 Dietician before things began to finally take shape with Rainer's recovery. There have been many mistakes made and promises broken in these 4 years, but I have no doubt there'll be many more!
Rainer has additional medical issues which exacerbate his condition. Most prominent are his Sensory Issues and gut health. These have a great effect on his behaviour which makes his attendance at school difficult. Hence, we have home-based behavioural therapy 4 afternoons per week following his morning sessions at our local regular school.
So, I am very excited to be able to put together what I think is a fab-o class for you!!!! Hopefully, the first of many.

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the funds will go towards Rainer's therapy and intervention. I think you all know me by now to guess I won't go out and buy the new Monaro LOL

And we have some fab-o sponsors for this class

Firstly, my dear friend, mentor and just down-right hilariously creative girl...Ngaire Bartlam
Has donated a super cute canvas which I have been ogling for a wee while now.
Another beautiful soul, Krissy Christie of Wicked Princesses
is donating a special little pack of goodies.
Lisa Warren of Storyboard Kits and my fellow Scrapbook Creations Diva
is also donating a wonderful little pack of goodness from her new store.
And my dear old friend Melissa Arnold; Creative Memories Unit Leader extraordinnaire, has offered a great new embellie pack for one participant.

Click on the PayPal button on the sidebar to purchase your class entry ticket.

**Once you click the REVIEW ORDER & CONTINUE button, there will be a link under the description of the class. Click on this link to nominate an email address to access the class.**

Google and Blogger accounts will have unlimited access to the class.

Those without these accounts, and who sign is as a Guest, will have access for one month from 18th October.

On the 19th November, I will close registration for PRIZES only. You can upload, etc after that date, but you will not be eligible for a prize....you'll just have my undying gratitude for participating!!! (almost priceless, don't you think? teehee)
Lots of cool little techniques to learn, some mad random machine stitching and loads of fun!!

Will post a full materials list closer to the date *wink*
Hope you can join Gigis class

Friday, 8 October 2010

A page with the new websters papers just love them

This is Travis and Carla at there English wedding.I love the papers from Webster's so pretty and perfect for the wedding pics too.The layout was done for the Oct comp at Websters inspire me blog.The challenge was put up by Steph you had to do a dress form with texture.I have pleated and punched and machine stitched mine for texture i loved the end result,i have hand made the dress form too.

The small dress form is a scrapmatts dress form so cute and an Aussie chipboard company too.

Monday, 4 October 2010

well i am in shock i had a call this morning

I had a call this morning from the lovely Susan at Grant Archivals letting me know that i had one there competition Grace Taylor “ Create Something Beautiful” contest.
I was so happy to hear this as i love alot of there papers and stamps well you all know that i have a stamp fetish.I have one $500 dollars worth of products and that is massive .

This clock was also made from the Grace Taylor papers the are so beautiful i have cut up the flowers the bird and the music papers and modpodged to the
chipboard clock.Do pretty i think.When i first found these papers i searched Adelaide for them every shop had sold out of this pack.By chance one day i went to Marion Big W and alas i found them.If you are lucky enough to have them I'm sure you would have used them by now.I have kept some as favourites lol.
The competition winning entry i love this layout and the picture The flowers are handmade from the Grace Taylor papers.

Susan has also asked me to be on there design team which of course i said yes.They are still working out the nuts and bolts of this so it should be soon.It is so great to be working on a Australian manufacturer design team.You can buy there products from spotlight,K mart ,Big W and lincraft.That's fab i think.These were all the projects that i sent in for the design team and the competition.The layout Joy was chosen for the winner of the comp.