Monday, 27 July 2009

A day at the park and a 30th birthday

We never thought that you would pat the snake but you did mind you you didn't look lol

The python i had to show that i wasn't scared so i didn't worry Mikayla i am petrified of snakes they make me feel sick looking at them.
The phantom and Dora cute ha lol.This was dora Kylie's 30th birthday masquerade party.
Karen and Mikayla together i don't think Mikayla ever looks where she should little devil.

Debbie and Mikayla you can see where the brown eyes come from there dad.

And the birthday girl happy thirtieth Kylie i hope you had a fab night we did.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

this is love

This is love another pic from Travis and Carla's wedding i can not believe that i got one nice pic of all three of them together.I mixed up prima and my own hand made flowers in this.These are the roses that i have done before from a great tutorial on the web i cant remember the ladys name.

Friday, 17 July 2009

new prima flowers

My eldest and my youngest i like the picture of the two of them except the little miss could have looked at the camera.She never seems to when she is with her brother or sisters.I'm sure she does it to give us grief lol. This was on Travis's wedding day i think he had a great time.It was casual .

Monday, 13 July 2009

Wedding pics from Travis and Carla's Australian wedding English wedding next April.

The wedding vows.The wedding vowsSigning of the paperwork.The signed paperwork.

The cake that my girlfriend Lyn made the top cake i made the cupcakes and the stand.The cutting of the cake.The happy couple.A new family member.And of course Lachlan would not look at the camera.The Little treasure with her brother and new sisterinlaw. Cuddles from her brother.It was a lovely day .My camera decided to play up and these were probably the best shots.I couldn't get it to work properly it kept saying the card was full and it wasn't very annoying.I have also put more pics on my face book.Congratulations Travis and Carla may you have many years of happiness and love.Cherish each other.And welcome to the family Carla.Love Kerry xx
Kindy pic here.

Trying the cupcake recipe.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Color combo 128#

Well not that i have done much scrapping for a couple of weeks.I have been busy helping to Travis and Carla with there wedding here tomorrow.They are getting married here first then married in England next April.
Mikayla and i have been trial making cupcakes and Colin has been the testing station.I have made a cupcake cake stand and my girlfriend Lyn has made a fruit cake for the top of the stand and i made all the cupcakes for the bottom.
That was a very busy day today and I'm sure tomorrow will just fly too.Well that is two down on the marriage front four to go.And i know that one will defiantly be a very long time as she is only four thank goodness.
I did manage to start two layouts last night at Janine's we has a lovely night and Hilary was there too chatting and scrapping.Of course Janine just chatted after all i think she would have to be buggered after laying floor boards and scrubbing walls all week.But they do look great.
I have one more card to make tonight then i might do the finishing touches on the layouts i started last night then off to bed ,big day tomorrow.Have a great Sunday i know i will.Take care Love Kerryxx