Friday, 30 April 2010

hi still touring

Hi everyone i am still here alive and kicking.I have so many photos that i have to edit and scrap i think i will be here forever doing them.I haven"t had a chance to post any more pics as Travis has had trouble with his computer the last few days.I am leaving on Sunday to come home and i know when i get there that i will have a million things to do.
Also back to work next week too hi girls missed you guys.
I will probably try and post a couple more pics if we can do it threw Travis"s computer no promises though.
This week has gone quickly we have been to quite a few amazing places.I just love how old this is here.The buildings are amazing the country side is beautiful.But there is nothing like home.

Julie and Lee are two very dedicated and wonderful parents to there 3 children.They have certainly made me feel at home.They have looked after Travis so well,i really do appreciate there genorosity.Well thats all for now catch you all real soon.Take care Love Kerry xx

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Just a few pics of the wedding

My niece Melissa and Carla

Carlas mum and me of course.Julie is a really beautiful person so sweet and caring and such a laugh too.I think Travis is very lucky too have found such a great family to marry into.There hospitality has been just amazing .Thanks so much Julie and Lee for making me so welcome.

This shot was just so natural i love it.
Gosh i am short arn't

They really are a stunning couple.
So cute loved this pic too.

Tim and Loise look cute too.Tim and his fiancee only just made it the day before the wedding being stuck in Singapoer because of the ash.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

A couple of pics from my trip.

I thought i would upload just a couple of pics.This is my friend Lyn at the Cotswold's.This is the prettiest place i have ever been old and quaint.Lyn is now touring Europe and i am in England waiting for the big day.

And me at the Cotswold's.

And me at Lizzies house Buckingham Palace.Chatting to a real English bobby. Well thats all for now i will update with some wedding pics.I hope all is well chat real soon take care Kerry xx

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Hi everyone just thought i would pop in and say hi.Only four days till the wedding everything is crazy here.The weather has been good amazing i know.I have been walking heaps and of course i have pulled up lame.I have been on anti inflamortories the last few days.Well i have heaps of pics just have to download them.I hope all is well in Aus.I have been all around London and then up to the Cotswold's.They would have to be the prettiest place i have ever seen.So quaint and old.Not much more to say so i hope that all is well there.Take care Kerryxx

Friday, 9 April 2010

A mini album made with prima. This was the perfect paper and i really enjoyed the process.

For anyone that reads my blog regularly you would know that Travis got married last year to Carla then he left for England to start his new life.I have made this album for them so they can keep those memories.I really put my heart into this as i wanted them to have something from me that they could always keep and cherish.
I will be giving them this album on there wedding day in England as that will be the English wedding and this is there Australian wedding.I am glad that i have been a part of both and wish then all the best for the future together.
I'm pretty sure they don't read my blog.Well i will hopefully post from over there at some stage as i will be at Travis's for a few days and i can steal his laptop.
Wish me luck on my huge flight not looking forward to that part.And i will chat real soon take care Kerry xx

Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Monday

Well back to reality tomorrow and it is work for me and a very busy week too.I have started to pack my suitcase that is going to be a challenge in itself.I really don't have loads of thick clothing so i will just have to manage with what i have got.
The first page was inspired by the prima stamps and also the colours of the flowers.So it was out with the glimmer mist with this.And i used the prima stamps as well.I have loved every stamp that i bought from the latest release.You can buy them at scrap with v if there are any left now.Also she has quite a few beautiful flowers to buy too.
The second page was inspired by these pics i think i took about 20.It was so hard only scrapping 3.I think i will have to scrap another page with some more.Mikayla was so funny this day she was busting out all these wacky moves and i couldn't help but chuckle.And i just love this Martha Stewart punch too.
Well i am now down to five sleeps getting even more nervous.I think i will try and scrap tonight as my mind is in overdrive at the moment.At least that makes me relax.Have a great night and i think i might post again before the end of the week.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter Sunday

This is what i have been up to last night.This is for Travis's in laws i am taking it framed to England.Travis snuck on there computer and emailed me the pic so i could scrap it.It looks a little crooked that's cause i photographed it crooked oops.This new prima range is just so good to work with gotta love it.

Well starting to get really nervous now only 6 more sleeps and then i will be on the plane to England.I have done a plan up for Colin so he has what he needs to take Mikayla where she has to go while I'm away.

Mikayla has been sick over the weekend too so it hasn't been a great weekend for us.She has had a really hi temp and is now coughing with like a croup sounding cough.Sleeping on daddy's lap yesterday afternoon.She slept from about 3.00 pm yesterday till 5.45 this morning in between medicine for her temperature.

Well i hope to scrap another page tonight i have a couple of ideas floating in my head and i have so many photos to scrap.I feel like i will never ever keep up with them.And with Harvey Normans 10 cent prints at the moment you gotta love that.

Well i might get a chance to do another post before i leave next weekend if not have a great few weeks and i will try and blog post while I'm away.take care love Kerryxx

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Scrap the girls for the Month of April.Come and join in for the month of April great prizes to be one.Just click on the link on the side bar and go to the site and see all the wonderful layouts from the CT.All the challenges for this month are on the blog.Why not give it a go.

Also i have done this page for the prima monthly sketch for March i love using there sketches and as you all know there products are my number one use.Especially all there beautiful new releases from winter CHA.

I have been busy finishing all the bit and pieces that i need to get done before i go away.Still have a few things left.I'm glad i have this four day Easter break i hope to knock some on the head over these four days off.

Gosh blogger has been a pain tonight to load pics in.So very frustrating to say the least.

Well one week to go and then it is up up and away.Getting very nervous that's for sure.

I will try and post while I'm away as I'm sure that i will have access to a computer where i am staying.

Our eldest grandson Tarkyn is turning three on Friday so happy third birthday to you Tarkyn.Love from Pa,Nanny and Mikayla xxx.We hope you have a great day and have fun at your party at HJ"S Saturday.

And to everyone that comes to my blog thanks for looking and taking the time to leave a comment i appreciate each and everyone.Have a fabulous and safe Easter weekend too.Happy Easter.Take care love Kerry xx