Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter Sunday

This is what i have been up to last night.This is for Travis's in laws i am taking it framed to England.Travis snuck on there computer and emailed me the pic so i could scrap it.It looks a little crooked that's cause i photographed it crooked oops.This new prima range is just so good to work with gotta love it.

Well starting to get really nervous now only 6 more sleeps and then i will be on the plane to England.I have done a plan up for Colin so he has what he needs to take Mikayla where she has to go while I'm away.

Mikayla has been sick over the weekend too so it hasn't been a great weekend for us.She has had a really hi temp and is now coughing with like a croup sounding cough.Sleeping on daddy's lap yesterday afternoon.She slept from about 3.00 pm yesterday till 5.45 this morning in between medicine for her temperature.

Well i hope to scrap another page tonight i have a couple of ideas floating in my head and i have so many photos to scrap.I feel like i will never ever keep up with them.And with Harvey Normans 10 cent prints at the moment you gotta love that.

Well i might get a chance to do another post before i leave next weekend if not have a great few weeks and i will try and blog post while I'm away.take care love Kerryxx


lindy said...

Great layouts kerry i'm sure the in laws will love it ...Hope Miss M is feeling better soon ...Yah 6 days ha! have a good flight and fabbo holiday

phillipa said...

Hi Kerry...hope Miss M is feeling better today. Also hope you have a fantastic time on your holiday. Take care, Pip xx

Lea said...

I sure the in laws will love the lo kerry. It's lovely as always you scrap beautiful pages. I hope Mikayla is on the mend quickly and fingers crossed she'll be fully recovered before you leave. have a fabulous time away. Lol great you have the plan all sorted-you might be a wreck but they'll be just fine. When I left my kids for a weekend I got on the plane bawling-but I am hopeless! Have a WONDERFUL time away. I am sure it's all a bit daunting but once you settle in on the plane with a wine and magazine...anyway have GREAT trip!

Felicity said...

awwww... look a Mikayla there asleep. HOpe she is feeling better, poor little chicken :(

happy Easter xx

Hilary said...

Love the layout of the in-laws. Must tell us how they react when you give it to them in not toooooo many sleeps. Hard to believe you are going quite soon. Have a great time and will see you at J's for a natter and a cuppa. Travel safely and takes heaps of shots. Hx


hope M is feeling better soon babe...she looks gorgeous asleep on colin... travis's inlaws will love that page framed.. have a great time babe!!


Helen Jolly said...

Oh what a cute pic..........think you have the same lounge as us lol