Friday, 30 April 2010

hi still touring

Hi everyone i am still here alive and kicking.I have so many photos that i have to edit and scrap i think i will be here forever doing them.I haven"t had a chance to post any more pics as Travis has had trouble with his computer the last few days.I am leaving on Sunday to come home and i know when i get there that i will have a million things to do.
Also back to work next week too hi girls missed you guys.
I will probably try and post a couple more pics if we can do it threw Travis"s computer no promises though.
This week has gone quickly we have been to quite a few amazing places.I just love how old this is here.The buildings are amazing the country side is beautiful.But there is nothing like home.

Julie and Lee are two very dedicated and wonderful parents to there 3 children.They have certainly made me feel at home.They have looked after Travis so well,i really do appreciate there genorosity.Well thats all for now catch you all real soon.Take care Love Kerry xx

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Ceci said...

Have a safe trip home Kerry..sounds like your stay has been wonderful and so memorable. :)