Sunday, 25 May 2008

Another week has gone for the year.

Well another week has come and gone i really don't know where all the time has gone.I have worked and scrapped and worked and scrapped all last week.I scrapped over the weekend too,also going to scrap on Monday night as well.Thanks for a great night Friday night Janine it was great to sit and relax scrap and talk.Well talk and do a tiny bit of scrapping anyway.And also thanks to Hilary for the great company.It was a really late night i got home at 1.30am then went to bed at about 2.00 am and Miss M decided she needed to be awake at 5.30a.m.I did manage to get her back in bed and to sleep for another couple of hours.

My daughter asked me today to go to the movies and see sex in the city they have tickets already.I loved this show so i jumped at the chance to see the movie too.

I am hosting a blind challange at scrap therapy this Wednesday night,so i better get up and running with my step by step scrapping instructions.

Also i have the scrap with V retreat coming up so i have to get organized and packed ready for that too .Can't wait to see old and new friends should be a blast.I'm teaching my first ever class so i hope that they take it easy on me.I have about 23 girls in my class should be great fun.

And a pic of my son he has grown up to quickly too.The fact that he is twenty nine amazes me where has the time gone.There is loads of machine stitching on this layout.Not that you can tell from the net.And i have used the new Martha Stewart punches on here too they are fab.I love them as well as the marvy punch for my sun.Thanks fot the loan of the punches Janine,and the swirl i'm afraid i can't give that back at the moment.

This layout has just come back from Queensland i think the picture is really cute of Col and Mikayla.Can't believe how much she has grown.It only seem's like yesterday since i had her.

This page was done for paper occasions in Cleveland Brisbane it going off to the shop this week.I just adore this pic of Mikayla.

Friday, 16 May 2008

A Mothers day review and a pic that i scrapped.

This would have been the best picture of my three children on mothers day.
As usual trying to get Mikayla to coporate is so hard so after about 20 photos this one is it.I changed the colour of the pic to a vintage look for something different.Thanks to Janine for sharing the website that had free downloads for photoshop actions.And to b for the tutoral on how to load them to my computer.

I did get spoilt for mothers day Travis and Carla bought me a lovely willow angel ornament.
Carly and Jason bought me a dvd Celine Dion live in Vegas,and some foot cream and scrub i think i get the hint lol.

And Mikayla bought me a love heart shaped box with Elvis on it.Just love him too.

We went to Carlys for breakfast and had a lovely bacon and egg breakfast,next year i think it will be Carla and Travis's turn to make breakfast will see.Thanks again to my beautiful children for making my day wonderful,also to my son inlaw for doing so much for me as well.And to Carla it has been wonderful having you share our life here in Australia . I hope that we will share many special days like this in the future.

This is such a cute pic of Mikayla i loved scrapping it. We were in the car coming home the other day.Mikayla was busy telling me that she was three and i said thats nice baby.

Then she continued to tell me that her dad was old.I said yes he is lol i told her how old he was and she said mummy your three like me arn't you.My response was i wish and she said i wish to mummy.

With that she then said to me mummy i ludge you this much with her arms spread wide.And i responded i ludge you too.They are just fantastic when they say cute things like this.What a pleasant end to my day i thought.What and angel.

Then when we got home something happened when we opened that front door i really don't know what ,but some strange person jumped into that sweet little girl and out came the monster child that we know and just love.She had decided that she didn't want dinner first up then when i asked her to have her bath another tantrum started and i mean a full on tantrum.

Got over that episode then she refused to put her toys away that she had been playing with.Then we didn't want to go to bed .After much perserverance from me i really was ready to pull my hairout and hers lol.I did get her into bed and read her story for the night. And the treasure said i ludge you mummy and i'll be a good girl can i have a cuddle.

How could you not ludge her.Maybe one day i will work her out but i don't think so.And maybe oneday she will realize that it is i love you but for now i play along with her.

Well i hope that you all have had a great week and that you even have a better weekend.Take care Love Kerry.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

We call her chicken

Mikayla gets called chicken or the little chick or just chiccie.I have taken some pics of her and her favourite chicken.Now i know that Travis just loves this chicken too lol.
Mikayla's Grandma bought this for her along time ago she was really scared of it but not now.
It sings and runs along the floor quite cute but can be very annoying played over and over again.

Who said that Carla dosen't do dishes well here's the proof or is that Mikayla showing her how to do them.?

Well thats all for me at the moment i will be making sure that these pics are scrapped in the very near future.So keep your eyes posted for the latest layouts coming real soon.Have a great week .Take care Kerry xx

Thursday, 8 May 2008

My little princess

How cute are these pics.When B was at my house she took the little miss outside for a photo
shoot.Cute arn't they She also edited for me and emailed them back.

So that i could scrap them they are great thanks again Belinda for the photos and your friendship
you are fantastic friend and very talented girl too.

Thats when your not teasing me about something lol.

Retreat layouts

Just thought that i would share some layouts from the retreat.I only scrapped to of my own then a couple of class layouts.

How could you not love this face and who does it remind you of i wonder.A midget in

And this layout was done by me i love the layout and the pic.Thanks again to B for your great picture that made it easier for me to scrap.Plus the cutie in the pic not biased at all.

This layout was taught by the lovely Belinda and she also took this pic of miss M.Thanks B i love the pic and the layout.

I did this layout at the retreat Nat taught it but it was a layout made and done by Julie Dudley,she couldn't make it to the retreat and kindly leant her stamps to us and her layout thanks Julie i loved it.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

HI i got back late last night

Hi i got back late last night from being in Cairns what a fantastic time that we all had.

And Belinda is home safe too.I will post some of my pics and layouts later.We really did have a fab time thanks Nat.
Altough we nearly missed our flight from Brisbane to Adelaide they were calling for us Belinda Venables and Kerry Murray last call we had to run tio get the flight.Had to get that last bit of wine down.