Monday, 28 December 2009

a layout and some xmas pics

Indiana loved her new doll that auntie Kylie got her.Maybe it was the bottle.

Tarkyn was quite taken by the digger i think.

Showing off

Santa's helper Bub And Jan from the cricket club gave this to Mikayla
Lachlan breaking open his pressie

Mikayla goofing around

A new dvd player

Lachlan at his best lol.
We wish you a happy new year and safe driving if you are out and about.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A picture or three

Carly and i gosh my head looks big in this probably cos she is so thin lol.

Col and i never take many pics together.

And Carly and Jason don't scrub up too badly either.

Such a beautiful girl
The bride and she is stunning i think

My great niece Annice isn't she sweet.
All these were taken at my nephews wedding it was a beautiful day and the bride and groom were stunning.I wonder who might be next in the family.All of the pics were taken with my camera i am finally getting used to taking some pics with it that i dont have to delete.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

A couple more layouts

This on is for scrap the girls as the one i done the other day had a boy in it der me.

And i have done this one in a class that Flic taught over at Bons scraps.It is a free class so why not join up and do it too.Thanks Flic it was fun.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Finally scrapped yeah

This first layout was done in a class for a friend Gigi that is raising money for

new classroom equipment for her son Rainer that's has autism.She is running another class very soon you should pop by her blog and help her out as they need to raise about $5000 dollars. This layout i have done for scrap the girls this month it had to have a yellow embellishment and also orange and bling and xmas focused.Mikayla so loves putting the angel on the tree Colin and her do it each year.

And last one is just for me,I fell in love with this bo bunny paper and couldn't wait to scrap with it.Add a bit of prima and there you have a very pretty layout even if i do say so myself lol.The pics looks crooked but it is the angle it is sitting on .

Friday, 11 December 2009

no scrapping here just some pics

Little miss in her xmas angel dress

Showing off

Lachlan has grown heaps.

Mikayla with her cousins Ellen and Courtney

And courtney she is growing into such a beautiful girl.

I haven't scrapped anything in a while now just a lack of motivation.I have taken a few pics which i will share.I hope the break over xmas gets me back on the saddle again.
It was a sad day yesterday Mikayla attended her last day of kindy forever .The time has just gone so quickly .My baby is going to school next year eeeeekkk.Anyway i hope you all are well and i will try and update a bit more often.