Tuesday, 31 July 2007

let life take you somewhere wonderful

This layout was done in a class learning how to journal.See Kathie i have journalled a little bit.lol
Kathie Link is a teacher that i admire she is light hearted great to talk to and also very helpful.I done this page on Saturday with Katihe ,She is very well published here in Australia by all mags,so it is nice to go to someone that is so talented.Kathie's journalling is always very heart felt and just really lovely to read.Congratulations Kathie for all your acheivements up to date.
The cheeky little monkey face Mikayla is so easy to scrap as she brings joy to so many people,she sure is becoming a character with loads of personality we love her to bits.I have started her this week at a music class to teach her the beat of the music so oneday she will be able to sing in tune and also learn to play the piano,she went on Monday and had a ball.Taking over as per usual and being the centre of attention,it bought a tear to my eye just watching her deep in thought and enjoying the moment.She is so precious and each day as she grows she brings more joy into our lives.I only hope that all people that have children treasure all that time as it goes too quickly and your children are not babies or little for long enough.And share all that you can with there grandparents and there other family members,as we all do not know how long we are here for and life is to short.

bubble bath

I have done this layout for the sketch oz challenge for this fornight,it is my take on Mel Denier's sketch.I love the bubble that just happened to go on Mikayla's whole face fluke isin't it.

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Can't forget the little miss

Mikayla has been following me everywhere since we came home from Perth.She was singing mummy,daddy in the shower over and over again so i think she might have been happy that we were home.Thanks Carly and Jason for having her for the time that we were away i know she enjoyed it as she can't stop talikng about the wow wow's dogs that is thanks to Auntie Neat for saying wow wow's instead of dogs.

Looking out from Kings Park over Perth City

This is at Kings Park also a very overcast day so not really bright photos.The park is beautiful and very lush green.Thanks to Steph for taking me to see it i had a great day.


Here is my last photo from my photo swap.These are Jodi's two children,photos taken last year in a photo shoot with the family.I hope that you like my take on it Jodi.Also we had a great time in Perth lots to see and lots to do especially scrapbooking shops i had a look in three and also got a couple of things from lincraft.I will post a couple of photos up here for you to see.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Spider boy to the rescue

Here is the next layout that i have finished for Fran .This is her little boy Jackson at Halloween last year.I hope that you like what i have done Fran.Well i have to sign off now as i'm off to work and then to the airport for my trip to Perth.Enjoy your weekends and i will catch up next week with lots more pics.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

for the love of ajay

This is the layout that Cass has made me .The swap was with the girls at cyberscraps i scrapped the Lily page and Cass srapped this gorgeous page for me.She is a very talented scrapper having being published quite a few times to many to even remember.I am thrilled to have one of her pieces in my album.Also i got accepted in the basic grey gallery with my layout of Lily i was stoked as i'm rapped with the way that came out also.So any one interested in having a look go to basicgrey and look my name up and my picture that i done will be there to have a look at.I'm am going to try and use a bit more basic grey in the future as i really like the end results.
I'm off to Perth on Thursday i can't wait as i have never been there,i'm sure there will be lot's of photo opportunities for me.Mikayla is now talking nonstop ,we have to be careful what we say as she copies everything like a little parrot.Well i hope everyone has a great week and i will talk to you soon.Take care Kerry

Here is the little cherub with her high five hat on she is very cute and just loves wearing hats,gloves and of course rubber boots.

I had to take these photos of Mikayla she sure is a fashion statement.Wiggles hat,high five gloves and rubber boots.She had just finished a choccie frog i don't think she knows where her mouth is they had strawberry in the middle.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

say a little prayer

this is a photo that i have done at a cybercrop my very first one and i'm thrilled with the results.I done this over at chooks scraps and had a ball.It was also the first time that Fran has taught a cyberscrap and she did a great job.Her instructions were straight forward and easy to follow ,so if anyone is thinking about doing scrapping on line i recommend having a look here.They are a great great bunch of girls very friendly and they welcome you with open arms.

This is Perfection

Just recently i have been doing swaps with my photos ,this means that i give other people from around Australia a photo that i wan't scrapped and they give me a photo that they would like to be scrapped.I have enjoyed it so much seeing what other people come up with.Here is my first page back the lovely Fran from Queensland has done this with my photos and i'm stoked with the results.Thanks so much for this layout i love it.And the title is fab.I just have to hand write something on the little template,again thanks Fran i think that you have put a lot of time and effort into this.Thanks to cyber scraps that came up with the idea of swapping photos.I still have two more photos and then my scrapping swap will be over.Today i will get to the photo Fran sent me that i received on Friday.I have the paper and everything ready to go so that is my challenge before the weekends over to finish her photo.I will post it when i'm done.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

I Have a song in my heart

Here is another swap layout that i have finished.This Bron's three children and one of the girls boyfriends.The boy in the black shirt was singing in a band that night hence the title name.I hope that you like your layout Bron.

Monday, 9 July 2007


This Picture was taken when we went to Macksville to see Colin's brother for his 50th birthday.Mikayla had no idea that i was taking random shots of her just walking along with her flowers that she had picked.She certainly looks pleased with herself.

Sunday, 8 July 2007


Here is Caleigh this was a bright fun layout to do,and yes this little girl is very bright and she has lots of fun.Her mum thinks she is the devil child.You would never think that as she looks like an angel in this photo,she has been breaking light bulbs with a curtain rod that is why she has been labelled devil.I thought that the wording on this layout was just her.I hope all is well with eveyone and i will keep you updated on everthing.Take care have a great week Kerry

angelic angel

Hello, everyone,

No this is not Mikayla for a change this is a friends little girl Lily,she is just gorgeous i think, i enjoyed doing this page.We had a challenge that we swapped photos of what ever we wanted i had this photo to scrap and i love how it turned out.I will also post the other photo from another friend her daughter is Caleigh they are both very different.I used the new basic grey with this photo,and used Ronnha Farrer on the other layout i hope that you enjoy the pictures as much as i enjoyed scrapping them.I will also post one of Mikayla's layouts that i will finish tonight.It is bright and fun.Teher is also a fair bit of stiching on this layout not that you can see it,and bling of course.I am going to use this paper again and scrap Mikayla as i love the colours of this it is called infusion and released by basic grey not long ago.

Sunday, 1 July 2007


I love this Photo of Mikayla you never would have thought that i was chasing her trying to get one decent photo of her,she is starting to say no photo.Thats our girl.

The other half of the tag book.

mini tag book

And this is the mini tag book that Lu taught also we are family.

pure beauty

This was the stamping class that i went to at cybersraps i loved it thanks again Lu.

pure love

Here is one of my latetest pages that i have done,Mikayla loves it when i come home from work she is always giving lots of cuddles and kisses and so pleased to see me.That makes you feel very special.Colin is getting better with the camera all the time.

Well it has been along time since i put anything up on my blog.Hello to everyone that might come and have a look.We had a great holiday up in Queensland for ten days,part of it was spent in NSW for Colin's brothers 50th birthday,it was great catching up with Keith,Amanda,Alex ,Ellen and Cameron,thanks for letting us stay and to Chris and Jules in Port Mcquarie,it was lovely to see you all again.To Donna ,Bevan and Luke we had a lovely day and night with them also.Di and Terry thanks for the bed and to my brother Mark and his son Cameron it was great to see you again,and hi to Jazz and Janice.Also thanks Heather and Rob for your hospitality.To everyone that we caught up with while we were away big hugs and kisses and we will see you next year, sometime.It is lovely to catch up with friends and family that you have not seen for a very long time.

To Donna and Bec your new scrapbooking shop is great and there are lots of fab papers and other things in stock so for any of you Brisbane ladies drop into there shop at Bloomfield street Cleveland and have a look i don't think that you will be dissapointed.I think the shop is called paper creations,let me know if i'm wrong.There prices are great and they also make all kinds of invitations for any occassion.

Also while we were away i had a chance to visit cyberscraps in brisbane at Salisbury i done a couple of classes with Lu,she is one very talented lady along with her friend Cass they are well published the both of them in scrapbooking memories especially and also in for keeps.Cath has a great shop there ,and the prices are really good also.I found the classes to be relaxed and very informative.I will post what i have done as well.

And to all my new friends that i have made through scrapbooking it has been wonderful to share pictures with and to share your life with as well.I like to go to my friends blogs and make little comments and to keep up with what they are also doing.Well enough i could go on for ages but i will leave you now until my next update have a great week.take care love Kerry