Tuesday, 31 July 2007

let life take you somewhere wonderful

This layout was done in a class learning how to journal.See Kathie i have journalled a little bit.lol
Kathie Link is a teacher that i admire she is light hearted great to talk to and also very helpful.I done this page on Saturday with Katihe ,She is very well published here in Australia by all mags,so it is nice to go to someone that is so talented.Kathie's journalling is always very heart felt and just really lovely to read.Congratulations Kathie for all your acheivements up to date.
The cheeky little monkey face Mikayla is so easy to scrap as she brings joy to so many people,she sure is becoming a character with loads of personality we love her to bits.I have started her this week at a music class to teach her the beat of the music so oneday she will be able to sing in tune and also learn to play the piano,she went on Monday and had a ball.Taking over as per usual and being the centre of attention,it bought a tear to my eye just watching her deep in thought and enjoying the moment.She is so precious and each day as she grows she brings more joy into our lives.I only hope that all people that have children treasure all that time as it goes too quickly and your children are not babies or little for long enough.And share all that you can with there grandparents and there other family members,as we all do not know how long we are here for and life is to short.


Lee said...

lol Kerry, Kathy is amazing, she got me to journal 3 lines as well,about 6 words in all at the retreat, now that is an accomplishment, gorgeous layout.

Jodi said...

Hi Kerry
You've done such nice layouts lately. Obviously your learning heaps from all the classes and on-line things you participate in. I am popping your layout in the mail today. Let me know when it arrives.

charmaine said...

Kerry you have some gorgeos Layouts there...my fave is Angelic angel, that is stunning.

Thanks for popping over to my blog...i have added you to my links:) I shall pop over more often to say hi:)

Jodi said...


Heres the link that i cut and paste from the page if that helps. Email me your email address and i can send the link that way too. j_dolbel@bigpond.net.au

kathie said...

Kerry, I'm so glad you enjoyed the class. That photo is so perfect for the layout. I have finally managed to scan my version and should have it up on my blog very very soon :)