Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Here is my last photo from my photo swap.These are Jodi's two children,photos taken last year in a photo shoot with the family.I hope that you like my take on it Jodi.Also we had a great time in Perth lots to see and lots to do especially scrapbooking shops i had a look in three and also got a couple of things from lincraft.I will post a couple of photos up here for you to see.

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Jodi said...

Kerry!! That is so gorgeous!! WOW!! I love the scrolls and the way you've done the flowers is awsome!! And I love the title. This is so great - I would never have done anything like this. Thankyou so much!!
I've started on yours, but unlike yourself - I went to bed. I ahve to work on those black eyes!!! But I will try to get it done today and will put a photo up.
That album I did that you liked, with the frames, was an on-line class. It turned out reallly well. Maybe we can do something like it on-line as well.