Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter has been and gone can you believe that this year has flown already

I would like to share a couple of layouts and some easter pics of our adorable munchkin.
She was really cute easter morning.She ran around looking where easter bunny had left her eggs.And she was so excited that he left her all the little eggs.When Carly and Jason came she ran to the door yelling guess what easter bunny came to my house not even saying hello first.Come see what i got.

This is when she woke up calling mummy i'm awake.Nothing like being treated like princess Mikayla.
Here we are just after she collected some of her eggs looking pretty proud of herself too.
MMM is there anymore i think so.
Last pic of her excitement ,now to eat all the hoards of choclate that she recieved from friends and family.I think she will be eating this for the next two months.
And last but not least i made these great cup cakes for easter Sunday they were yummo.Thanks to Fiona Carter and her blog she shared the cup cake idea so i thought i would give them a go and they were a great success.Well i think i will come back later in the week and share a couple of my layouts that i have done this weekend and also a couple of pics from my scrapping day today,with Belinda and Allie.More about this in my next post.Bye for now have a great week again.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

sharing more layouts

I thought that i would share some more layouts that i have done recently.

Mikayla and her nana at Trents going away party.

This layouts was done for a cybercrop at scrap with v the challenge.I found these pics at the back of the cupboard they would have to be three years old as i was pregnant with Mikayla in them.It was my girlfriends 50th birthday party.

Paul,Trent and Jake together for one last time before Trent is off to the army good luck Trent.

Monday, 17 March 2008

I thought that i would just share some layouts with you.I have had a busy week and weekend again.I'm now doing and extra 6 hours aweek at work which really does cut inot loads of time home.I know to some people that wouldn't be much but to me it is.I'm now working about 26 hours a week.Maybe oneday i will go fulltime not looking forward to that.

I went to see Frank Sinartra and Barbara Striesand Sat night with a girlfriend that was just fantastic very funny and great music.They sounded just like them and they also looked like them.So to anyone that likes these two get yourself a ticket and go and see it.

And yesterday we went to the parents and babies show Mikayla loved the Dorothy show she danced and sang.She is really growing up way to quickly.It is not long now for the concert that i have been looking forward to for months Celione Dion i can't wait i have tickets right up the front.

A bit sad i have to go by myself as know one i know wanted to go.It is a big month for us

as we have a first birthday our grandson turns one,also my parents 50th wedding anniversary

which is a surprise for my mum.And a friends 21 st birthday it never rains but it pours.

I have scrapped a couple of layouts on the weekend to share with you this one was using papers that i bought from scrapbooknbits march pack it was great value for money thanks Karen.I added transparencies and other small bits too it.I still have loads of paper left to do more.

In this layout i have used the Lusi Austin stamps they are just fab.A bit of cutting out of papers on this layout too.

Last but not least this layout i just love as i love the pic,it is a layout of my nephews girlfriend Kate and Mikayla just listening to a speech.I took this pic randomly and i just loved it.I have hand stiched on the layout too which i dont do very often.That's a bought it from me.I have also done two other layouts for scrpwithv can't share those but you can go over to scrapwithv and have alook at the monthy packs.These new ones of mine will be up shortly.I have to do the instructions and send them off.Have a great easter everyone and don't forget if you are reading this to the end leave me a comment i love reading and seeing who is visting my blog.take care love Kerry

Sunday, 2 March 2008

The day before Mikayla turned three isint she growing up.

Isin't our baby growing up so quickly ,i took some really nice shots of her Saturday the day before she turned three.

Mikayla and her nanna Bell,she just didnt really want this photo taken sweet little devil that she is. This is Kate with Mikayla i just loved this pic of the both of them,Mikayla just adores Kate and she never left her alone all day. Here are the pics from Mikayla's third birthday i have quite a few but i thought that i would just share a few.We got her too blow out her first lot of candles at breakfast time.We had brekkie with her brother and big sisters and nanna and poppa.Then in the afternoon we had her other sister and family and godparents over for afternoon tea.Mikayla had a lovely third birthday and the weather was great.She loved each and every present and now we get to watch some new dvd's over and over gain.
Luke ,Tarkyn and Mikayla

Blowing her candles out with her auntie Neat,this was the second cake attempt as we tried doing an icream cake that was a disaster it started melting before our eyes.We had to go to the shop and get a plan b.This is what we came up with so it turned out okay in the end.
And last of all i have done a couple of layouts through the week to share with you.