Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Easter has been and gone can you believe that this year has flown already

I would like to share a couple of layouts and some easter pics of our adorable munchkin.
She was really cute easter morning.She ran around looking where easter bunny had left her eggs.And she was so excited that he left her all the little eggs.When Carly and Jason came she ran to the door yelling guess what easter bunny came to my house not even saying hello first.Come see what i got.

This is when she woke up calling mummy i'm awake.Nothing like being treated like princess Mikayla.
Here we are just after she collected some of her eggs looking pretty proud of herself too.
MMM is there anymore i think so.
Last pic of her excitement ,now to eat all the hoards of choclate that she recieved from friends and family.I think she will be eating this for the next two months.
And last but not least i made these great cup cakes for easter Sunday they were yummo.Thanks to Fiona Carter and her blog she shared the cup cake idea so i thought i would give them a go and they were a great success.Well i think i will come back later in the week and share a couple of my layouts that i have done this weekend and also a couple of pics from my scrapping day today,with Belinda and Allie.More about this in my next post.Bye for now have a great week again.


karenday said...

wow great blog!! i havent been here before :) u make beautiful layouts!!!

Belinda Venables said...

Mmmmm.you...muffins....drool. ;)
They look so yum!
Love the pics of Mikayla too - very cute.
Loved yesterday - I just wish you lived closer.

Charmane said...

LOVE your Easter photos!!! And how cute are those easter cupcakes!!! I wish i saw these before!!!!

LOVE your layouts too!!!


Jolene Pienaar said...

oh those photos are too cute!!
Those muffins looks yummo!! I saw them on Fiona's blog. Does the chocolate go all gooey inside or do they stay like a little egg?

KarenB said...

Super cute Kerry!
You're right, the year is flying. Not long till the retreat now :)