Monday, 7 April 2008

I have been busy and not blogged latley

Its been a while i have been busy and working and going away so i have been a slack blogger.We ventured to Melbourne last week so that i could see Celine Dion.She was fantastic worth every cent i had a ball.I sang to her songs poor people next to me oh well it was great.

I also caught up with some scrapping friends that i chat online too.Hi Charmaine and Vicky i had a great time chatting and drinking coffee.I also caught up with Relsi and Rach and there children.

We had a lovely afternoon chatting and the kids played in the playground.

I would also like to share some great news my daughter Carly is pregnant and due in September.Congrats Carly and Jason its fab news.And to Karen my stepdaughter congrats to you and Luke expecting your second child in October.So there will be babies all around,Mikayla will be a auntie three times by the time she is 3 and a half.

Also in the last couple of weeks Tarkyn our grandson turned one unfortunatly we couldnt go to his first birthday party as mum and dad had there 50th wedding anniversary.Mikayla did go to his party and she had a lovely day.Happy first birthday Tarkyn.Love from Pa and Nanna.

I have a few pics to share and a bit of a mini album that i made for a 21st pressie.Happy birthday to you Keira.

Last but not least my mum and dad celebrated there 50th wedding anniversary.Congrats mum and dad on a huge effort.That is a long time to be with one person i think.We gave mum a surprise party but the bigger surprise was that dad proposed to mum again and they renewed there wedding vows.It was a great day with family and friends.

This is them renewing there wedding vows.Keira's 21st birthday book that i scrapped her,this will be the only pic as i have spent the last hour uploading all these photos.

Keira with her 21st cake always the party girl.Travis and Carly enjoying the 21st birthday party.Mikayla and Harmony arn't they adorable.Mikayla,Meg and Gemma at the park.
Mikayla and her cousin Annice at Annice's 4th birthday both liked sticking there fingers in the cake and licking the cream from the cake.Happy borthday to you Annice.

Well this was a very large post i hope to scrap some of these photos very soon so you will be able to see what i have done with them.Have a great week and i will have to post more often.take care Love Kerry xx


Belinda Venables said...

More babies in the family - how exciting!
look at your mum and dad - how sweet.
Love the album too, so gald that she liked it. It looks stunning.

Jodi said...

Sounds like you have a lovely break away.... and your album looks lovely!!!

KarenB said...

What exciting news Kerry, congratulations on being a grandma-to-be again :) Thank you for your gorgeous, gorgeous layout, I have it up my blog xx

Stell said...

Congratulations Kerry - great news on becoming a grandmother - hope all goes well. Take care ... love Christina xx