Saturday, 26 April 2008

Really you don't have to be serious all the time this was too funny

Whoever said that life was serious must be crazy.Belinda and i thought that we would take some shots of ourselves after scrapping all night until 1.30am.
Well this was the result quite stunning i think .Sometimes life is just to serious but not this night we were just in stitches.I think we look like dinosaurs.We cried laughing.

How cute is this pic Belinda took this amazing pic of Mikayla and she edited for me too isint it just fantastic.Now i really have to do a special page on this.Thanks B.

This is the other pic that B took and also edited it so have to scrap this too.Stay tuned for the end result.

Well thats about it for me other than i have a secret squirrel news for you all but can't say what it is at the moment but i'm really excited.Have a great week i know i will.


Belinda Venables said...

Love that layout - we are so beautiful! pmsl
Can't wait to see what you do with the pics too...:D
I'd love to take some more of Miss M one day....:D
Ooh ner ner to everyone - I know the news...hehe!

Charmaine said...

hey kerry, the pics are so gorgeous...B does a great job doesnt she:)

Your lo looks like you had fun too......B told me she was literally rolling on the floor

Giovanna Scott said...

Too funny Kerry. Can we get a repeat performance this weekend???? pweeease!!!!

Nina said...

great LO Kerry, love the pics too.

Jodi said...

Too Funny!!! Kerry and Belinda - such charactors!
Great layouts and fabulaous photos of Miss M!!!
By the way.... Ive been to the butcher... DAy 317!! How embarrasing!! And you thought i wouldnt do it!!!!

Tracey said...

Found your blog through Jodi's blog love your LO they are great

Lee said...

Beautiful pics there Kerry, waiting to see the results!

kathie said...

LOL, and I love how you've scrapped such crazy photos in such a feminine, beautiful page.

Love the other two pictures and can't wait to see them on a page.

KarenB said...

That LO is too crazy! I love it. I have to say that I love those photographs, totally gorgeous.

helenj said...

Your little girl is just so cute!!!!

Yeah ok so are you and Belinda!!!!!

Too funny!