Thursday, 25 September 2008

scrapping a little over the last couple of days

They just adore each other

The first sign of the sun and it was can i wear this pretty dress mum.So i then had to take some pics of Mikayla and what else should i do but scrap a couple.
I can't believe i still have a hacking cough and now i have come out in an itchy rash just great not.
It wll be off to the docs for me this morning thats for sure can't stand scratching.Have a great rest of the week take care love Kerry xx

Monday, 22 September 2008

A layout to share

I did this yesterday gotta love this paper and also helps that i love the photo.Can you believe that Mikayla is starting pre entry kindy when school goes back on the 13th of October.That will be a sad day i think.From this to the sweet little thing she can be lol.Every time i go to take a picture now she pulls faces either like this one or she pokes her tongue out.

I love this too except for the fence.

I really love this one of her so natural

Well this was a classic she wanted to put on her dance costume as she was dancing to the fairies on dvd.Over the top of her pyjamas,that are a miss match of Dorothy from the wiggles and high five bottoms.Socks and wiggle glasses holding her wand too funny.

And of course this one with daddy she adores him and he adores her.

Monday, 15 September 2008


It was such a beautiful day here Saturday i took the little chick outside and took a couple of pics this one her hair is in her face so we had to change where we were sitting and get another shot.

I really love this shot of her she looks so sweet.But we all know what a terror she can be when she wants to be.Her eyes look so dark here.that smile would have to make you smile i know it does me.

This is one i managed to complete on Friday night while scrapping and chatting to Janine it just came together really well love these papers too.
I actually done this back about three months ago and have only just got it back to photograph it.Mikayla at the fairies last day of the term.She really loves her teacher.
Well i have a dreaded lurgy i have been coughing since four oclock this morning taking flu and cold tablets like theres no tomorrow.Off to the doc this arvo to get it checked out.The little miss also has it.The weekend has come and gone my sister came over and i helped her to scrap some pages of her son he is in the army now some great pics to scrap thats for sure.
I had to help her as she has never scrapped before she managed to get four pages done with some help from me.
I think she was pleased with them well i hope so anyway .She was off to get some more cardstock yesterday to do some more.I had to try and let her go a bit then when she done something that looked out of place i gave her a bit of a nudge to move it lol.She has great eye for detail though so that helped heaps.I managed to get four journals scrapped thank god.I only have two to go now then they will be on there way so watch out Lea.

Travis is in the grandfinal of the footy this coming Saturday he is pretty excited as he hasn't played footy for such along time here in Australia.We will probably go and watch it is a fair drive from here tow hours easily.Well thats me for now i hope you all have a great week chat soon .take care love Kerry xx

Monday, 8 September 2008

just one page

I managed to get one page finished for the swv cybercrop.This was the dt challenge you had to use a circle with card stock four patterned papers,brads and eyelets no bling.We had a nice weekend busy but nice all the same.Nothing much to report other than Lachlan has grown a little bit and Mikayla is quite liking giving him cuddles now.

And of course a cuddle again yesterday made her day.She has taken to pulling faces when i want to take a picture.Little gem.
But funny story at the shops the other night she must have seen a port power magazine and promptly told me mum we don't like port power do we.Which i answered no she then said they are yuk aren't they mum.We barrack for the crows don't we mum.And in earshot to a man in the shop he said to me well she wouldn't be brain washed would she.Well little miss then said I'm not brainwashed am i mummy.Out of the mouths of babes it was cute and very funny.A pic to share of the giant slide that Mikayla loved. Even though she looks petrified she loved it and was exhausted by the time we left. And just one last pic.I hope you all have a great week,maybe i might get some more scrapping done threw the week can't see that happening to many things to watch on tv at the moment lol.take care Love Kerry xx

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

a weekend at whalers

I had a scrapping weekend at whalers.I had a fab time catching up with some of the girls i met there last year. I actually only finished one of my own layouts.But i did manage to complete three class layouts and one mini album.Thanks to Kate ,Janine and Steph for fun classes.

I really need to get stuck into to some journals that i have here at home to finish.That has really got to be a priority so they can venture back to there owners.I have one last Calender to do as well that only arrived here Friday.

Not much more to say at this stage just busy with work no time to play.And on the TV front vote for Wes Carr in the Australian idol comp he was originally an Adelaide boy now living in Sydney,Carly used to go to the same school as him .We are having fun teasing her about a little crush she had on him when she was in year eight.I think there are a few very talented singers on there this year.