Monday, 22 September 2008

A layout to share

I did this yesterday gotta love this paper and also helps that i love the photo.Can you believe that Mikayla is starting pre entry kindy when school goes back on the 13th of October.That will be a sad day i think.From this to the sweet little thing she can be lol.Every time i go to take a picture now she pulls faces either like this one or she pokes her tongue out.

I love this too except for the fence.

I really love this one of her so natural

Well this was a classic she wanted to put on her dance costume as she was dancing to the fairies on dvd.Over the top of her pyjamas,that are a miss match of Dorothy from the wiggles and high five bottoms.Socks and wiggle glasses holding her wand too funny.

And of course this one with daddy she adores him and he adores her.


Joanne said...

Hi, you take the most gorgeous photos, lovely layout, have a great week.

Belinda Venables said...

Sweet layout Kerry. Not too sure about the face pulling photo Silly chicken she is!

Before you know it she'll be off to school - now that will be scary! :D


Anonymous said...

She really is such a character! Time just goes way to fast! If only we could bottle elements of them for a while!

Jodi said...

Isnt she adorable!!

And school!! WOW!! GOod thing you ahve your grandson now to fuss over!!

kathie said...

Lovely, lovely photos, Kerry. She is a beautiful little girl. Even with the funny faces, lol.
Love the yellow background on that layout - stunning!

helenj said...

Great photos of your little princess......she is adorable