Monday, 8 September 2008

just one page

I managed to get one page finished for the swv cybercrop.This was the dt challenge you had to use a circle with card stock four patterned papers,brads and eyelets no bling.We had a nice weekend busy but nice all the same.Nothing much to report other than Lachlan has grown a little bit and Mikayla is quite liking giving him cuddles now.

And of course a cuddle again yesterday made her day.She has taken to pulling faces when i want to take a picture.Little gem.
But funny story at the shops the other night she must have seen a port power magazine and promptly told me mum we don't like port power do we.Which i answered no she then said they are yuk aren't they mum.We barrack for the crows don't we mum.And in earshot to a man in the shop he said to me well she wouldn't be brain washed would she.Well little miss then said I'm not brainwashed am i mummy.Out of the mouths of babes it was cute and very funny.A pic to share of the giant slide that Mikayla loved. Even though she looks petrified she loved it and was exhausted by the time we left. And just one last pic.I hope you all have a great week,maybe i might get some more scrapping done threw the week can't see that happening to many things to watch on tv at the moment lol.take care Love Kerry xx


Lisa A said...

Great Layout Kerry, your grandson is just adorable, and your daughter is growing into a real little lady....

Jodi said...

Love ly layout Kerry..

Too funny Miss Ms face down that slippery slide

Anonymous said...

Great LO....what no BLING!!! Heaven preserve us..what is this world coming to!! Oh and I sooooo love those digital elements you have used! ;)

Belinda Venables said...

Cute layout - great circle and journaling spot!

haha - look at her face in that photo - priceless! hehe


Anonymous said...

Oooooohhhhh, I have had so much fun this morning rumaging through that big bag!!! Firstly we have almost identical taste in little girls clothing! Secondly Thankyou soooooo much, you know it will all be put to good use.
Thirdly, are you insane on ironing!!!! You must also be a little bit Martha Stewart in the soaking department as there are white pants....size 2......NO STAINS!!!! What the?????? Or am I so used to having boys that grass stains just seem the normal to me?