Saturday, 29 August 2009

Bon Scraps cc Challenge

I have done this for the challenge over at Bon Scraps why dont you come on over to Bons and introduce yourself.They really are a friendly bunch of girls. click on the link here and say hi

bonscraps.Well i am off to do some painting on a off the page project i hope it turns out as well as i would like.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

a layout share

This is another pic that Paul took i just love what he done here.Thanks Janine for the stamped title love this lettering another prima stamp.

Indiana was only about four months here she turns one in October.This layout was picked up for publication early this year just got it back from creative paper.Seems like they have closed the door and have sent lods of peoples layouts back and not publishing them.What a shame.

And of course i love this pic one of my favourites.Another load of stamping on here too.Thanks Janine for such a beautiful pic.Thats all i have another one on the go at the moment.Catch you all soon.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

A photo share Lachlan turns one.

Yum cake Daddy and Lachlan.

Uncle Travis and Lachlan

Thanks so much Kim for making Lachlan's first birtday cake everyone loved it including Lachlan.
One of my first pics taken with my new 300 d nikon i love the quality of the shots.

Another pic that Janine took for me the other night when i went to scrap.Not much scrapping plenty of talking.Isint it just so cute.Thanks again Janine great pics.

I love this one the most so cheeky.I will upload a layout when i do some finishing touches.Have a great week.

Monday, 17 August 2009

The first one scrapped

This is the first layout of quite a few i think with the pics that Janine took and edited.I think this is so sweet.I love this prima tape that Janine got in from prima.It is so affective.Also i made some of these flowers from a link that was posted up on Janine's blog .The link to how to make one is here Nicole .They really are very easy to make and you can use up old flowers that you may have lying around.I think that Nicole has a great tutorial there.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

a few photos to share

Isn't she just to cheeky.

I live this one it is so her.

Oh and butter wouldn't melt in her mouth much.
Don't you think these are just adorable.Well i went to Janine's the other night to scrap and took the little treasure with me.Janine kindly took some pics for me and i just love them.Thanks so much Janine you did a great job.Not only did she take them but has edited them for me as well.I really appreciate the time spent on them too.
She just about had to do cartwheels to get this little ratbag to look at the camera and smile.Once she warmed up Janine got some great shots.The last one here was the first photo taken look at the coy look.
Well now i have some more fab shots that i can scrap but paper mmmm not sure about that.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

A retreat what a great time was had

Miss M i love this pic another photo Paul took.

And this one was photos i took of Mikayla's puppy called teddy she loves him the best 75 cents that i have ever spent.Thanks Gi gi for altering the pic in this one you clever chic.

And of course Lachlan his first big slide.
Well i went away to Melbourne on the weekend with Bon scraps what a great time we had.I really enjoyed catching up with old and new friends we had a ball.I have been so tired since as three very late nights in a row is very tiring.