Friday, 30 January 2009

Mikayla's first day at big girls kindy

Mikayla started her first day at fulltime kindy Thursday,we had to get some pics.Waiting waitingLooking pretty happy that we are nearly ready to go.

And she is off couldnt get to the car quick enough.She got stuck into the playdough straight away.Looking pretty happy with herself here.This is where i left the room and went to work with tears in my eyes.She is really growing up too quickly thats for sure.One more year and it will be school.Have a great weekend everyone i'm sure going to try too.Take care Kerryxx

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A parcel in the post today from Lea thanks so much i loved it all

The parcel came wrapped up in some very pretty paper with this cute tag made by sweet.And inside came this beautiful rak,it inspired me so much that i scrapped a layout last night using bits and pieces from the rak.Thankyou so much Lea it was fantastic.I won this when i left a comment on Lea's blog my name went into a draw and Bella pulled my name out thanks Bella you are a gem.Lea has a lovely blog and talks about the everday things that happen in her life .If you would like to say hi to her you can find her here.

And last of all here is the layout i have done.I loved that lace so pretty,and those adorable flowers and that tiny littlebird to cute for words.The home made printed paper flowers are really sweet.Thanks again Lea big hugs to you.Take care love Kerry xx Ps i might scrap the color challenge for this week before the end of the week.Chat soon.

Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy Australia day

Mikayla is a dag she put this headband on and then i had to take some shots

Indiana looking very cute with her headband

Travis has finally turned thirty and you think that i dont feel old now.

I did this layout for an Australian website run by Liz Weber it is a sketch site i will give you a link check it out. I have done this on Mikayla's fav shoes she even wanted to sleep with these.I hope that you have all had a lovely Australia day i know that i personally have done nothing but housework.And now i am surfing the web and updating.I have used up all my monthly downloads.It is mega slow and that is so frustrating too.Well i will update more another day have a great week all.Take care Love Kerryxx

Thursday, 22 January 2009

color combo 106 and just another layout i have done

color combo 106 used orange white brown and blue.
And another layout i had done last week.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

color combo 105

I finished this today after i procrastinated over it for a couple of days.The colors really threw me.It is the color challenge number 105 Still debating whether i like it or not.I also used a sketch from she is one very talented girl.

I really havent had much time to do anything this week back to work fulltime so i will have to have some late nights i think to get some scrapping done.I love to scrap and i dont like not having the time somedays.I have taken quite a few pics so i have loads of scrapping material just need to get off the computer now and scrap.Have a great week chat real soon.Take care Love Kerryxx Ps just some pics to share too.

Mikayla with her nephew LachlanMikayla with her niece Indiana and her nephew Tarkyn How do you ever get three children too look at the camera at the same time.Mikayla eating cake her favourite passtime.See she isint always clean.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

color combo 104 and another couple of layouts as well.

Color combo 104 i have scanned this and it has cut off the side of the pic so it looks a bit lop sided.I had enough paper to get two layouts and still have some to spare.I have decided that when i do a 12 x12 layout i am going to do a 8.5 x 11 with the scraps.How long do you think i can do this

The other color combo page i have done.The colors are certainly different for me to use i love how they turned out.

Col took this pic of the little miss and i.

And this is a pic that i got Col to take as well it is Indiana's Christening day.Don't you love the look on her face.And of course Lachlan he has just cut his first two teeth you can just see them here.Look

Saturday, 3 January 2009

i have managed one more for today.

I have been scrapping today too.I have this layout plus 1 more on the go.The mojo has been going into overdrive.Mikayla sat cutting out with me this afternoon so cute,she put her cut pieces in her album.I dont know when i will finish the other layout as i think i better pay some attention to Col.Chat soon i'm sure.

Managed another couple of layouts last night.

This layout i have done for Kathy from chook scraps.Lorraine asked me a while back if i would donate my time and orducts for an auction on chooks for breast cancer i was more than happy to do this.Kathyemailed me the pic and this is what i came up with.

And this second one is of course Mikayla.I have used some trasparencies that i bought from two peas.And some prima flowers from my prize pack.

Friday, 2 January 2009

A couple of pages to share

The latest color combo challenge 103 , this was just a coincidence i was scrapping this when talking to Janine and she told me the colours for the latest color combo and by fluke i was scrapping these colours.

How could i not scrap this adorable pic of Indiana.I sat and scrapped all day yesterday this took a while as i decided to hand stitch around the edges I'm happy with the way it turned out.The pic is a bit crooked but i photographed this at least 6 times this morning my eyes must be crooked today.
I hope that you all had a great new year with family and friends.Ours was a quiet one we stayed home and had a couple of quiet drinks.I watched PS i love you and Colin had to suffer along lol.Then it was the Sydney fireworks display and off to bed.Not very exciting but it was relaxing.
I wonder what 2009 will bring hopefully for me it will be a permanent job.Lose some weight and who knows what else.