Saturday, 3 January 2009

i have managed one more for today.

I have been scrapping today too.I have this layout plus 1 more on the go.The mojo has been going into overdrive.Mikayla sat cutting out with me this afternoon so cute,she put her cut pieces in her album.I dont know when i will finish the other layout as i think i better pay some attention to Col.Chat soon i'm sure.


Marisa said...

Love your layouts they look really fab...could you pass some of your mojo on to me I seem to of lost mine, lol...

Janinek said...

This one is just beautiful!!! Just love it. I can see those HS masks are getting a workout!

:) Tiff said...

Hi to you Kerry.
great to meet you.

you have a wonderful blog. and wowsers at your Prima prize. talk about drool. I need to wipe me chin.

am on holidays atm but DH wanted to bring the laptop for fishing weather updates.LOL. lucky me.

will be checking up on you regularly.

lindy said...

hiya another beautiful layouts great to see you scrapping a bit

Lisa said...

Hey there Kerry! Yep thats where we met - at the scrap day B and Mardi organised. How are ya? You will have to come up to the next one.... I think there has been talk of another. Great prize loot you won! Congrats on the prima album placing!! xo xo
take care.