Friday, 30 January 2009

Mikayla's first day at big girls kindy

Mikayla started her first day at fulltime kindy Thursday,we had to get some pics.Waiting waitingLooking pretty happy that we are nearly ready to go.

And she is off couldnt get to the car quick enough.She got stuck into the playdough straight away.Looking pretty happy with herself here.This is where i left the room and went to work with tears in my eyes.She is really growing up too quickly thats for sure.One more year and it will be school.Have a great weekend everyone i'm sure going to try too.Take care Kerryxx


Janinek said...

Look how adorably cute she looks!! Time goes so quick! She will be at school before you know it!

Lisa A said...

She looks very happy to be there..

lindy said...

Miss M looks a big girl now
oh how they grow so fast

helenj said...

Its so lovely when they are confident and happy to be going!
she is such a little darlin