Sunday, 29 March 2009

color combo 115#

The little miss on her first day for ballet.I have done two pages this week for the color combo.I wasn't happy with this one so i decided to go threw my stash again and find some other papers and do another one.I was a lot happier with the one below.

Our niece Courtney holding her cousin and our grandaughter Indiana.I think both pics are priceless.
Hasn't this little man grown up he is now 7 months old and doing swimming lessons.He really enjoys the pool for about 25 mins then he losses it lol.Have a great week.Take care Kerry xx

Thursday, 19 March 2009

color combo 114 #

Color combo 114 # I just had to scrap these pics.Mikayla wanted me to paint her face a tiger so i did.When she was finished i photographed her then she went and had a look in the mirror.She looked and never liked what she seen coming back at her.She cried and said I'm scared wash it off now.We tried to explain it is just paint but no she thinks its a tiger.

I finished this layout the other night and she looked at it in the morning and screamed saying no its the tiger.I said that's you and she said no that's Lily.Lily is her imaginary friend.She hasn't talked about her for

I loved this colour pack i bought from a digital site i printed them off and used them for both these layouts.The pics are of course the little miss again ,she really did have fun in the water this day except when she fell over and got soaked.Lucky i had a spare set of clothes in the car.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

color combo Challenge number 113#

My take on the color combo challenge this week.

Also scrap with v have there cybercrop this weekend.The layout on the left was for Wendys challenge.And the layout below is from the sketch that Liz put up .I turned it upside down and used the sketch my own way.Mikayla is 6 weeks old in both these pics she was such a cute baby .Not that i am biased i would like to thank Lorraine for coming over with her great cricut and letting me use it today.We had a lovely afternoon scrapping and chatting.Not that i talk much hehehe.And Lorraine i know you visit say Take care Kerry have a great week.

Monday, 9 March 2009

color combo 112#

I finally got around too doing the colour challenge.Sorry for the bad cropping.we have had a busy weekend.Went to a friends daughters wedding at Victor.We went down Friday afternoon and got back today.It was a nice break for a change.Busy week this week at work with a short week yippee.Mikayla and Col are off to see a school that she may go to next year.She thinks she is going now lol.
Time has just gone to quickly our baby is growing so fast and certainly getting to big for her boots some days.Well that's all for now i will chat soon.Have a great week take care love Kerry xx

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Mikayla has turned four

Mikayla's party i few shots to share.They are a bit all over the place but you get the general idea lots of fun on the day.

Carly and Mackenzie enjoying the cakes.

Ajay,Anniceand Mikayla

Even daddy got his face painted.

Tarkyn enjoyed the food too.Who said that cake isn't nice.

Mikayla loved her Dora cake.Thank you so much Kym for making this more than five hours work it turned out so beautiful.Mikayla was really lucky that's for sure.

And of course her presents.I think she might have been a bit spoilt.We lay-byed some toys last year at the mid Xmas sale at target and we were going to give her some of these at Xmas.When we got the Xmas presents out there were way to many.So we kept some for her birthday and there were still too many lol.she was so excited with her swing set and her jumping castle .Before all the kids came on Sunday and we were setting up for her party she told me this is the best party ever so sweet.I think all the kids had a great time and it was a really lovely day weather wise too.

I think she looks like she liked the swing set too.Now we have one in the backyard we don't have to drive to the park.She was really excited about this too.I think that she is one very spoilt little girl.Actually i know she is lol.
I now have loads more pics to i will catch you again soon with some layout shares.Take care Kerryxx