Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Mikayla has turned four

Mikayla's party i few shots to share.They are a bit all over the place but you get the general idea lots of fun on the day.

Carly and Mackenzie enjoying the cakes.

Ajay,Anniceand Mikayla

Even daddy got his face painted.

Tarkyn enjoyed the food too.Who said that cake isn't nice.

Mikayla loved her Dora cake.Thank you so much Kym for making this more than five hours work it turned out so beautiful.Mikayla was really lucky that's for sure.

And of course her presents.I think she might have been a bit spoilt.We lay-byed some toys last year at the mid Xmas sale at target and we were going to give her some of these at Xmas.When we got the Xmas presents out there were way to many.So we kept some for her birthday and there were still too many lol.she was so excited with her swing set and her jumping castle .Before all the kids came on Sunday and we were setting up for her party she told me this is the best party ever so sweet.I think all the kids had a great time and it was a really lovely day weather wise too.

I think she looks like she liked the swing set too.Now we have one in the backyard we don't have to drive to the park.She was really excited about this too.I think that she is one very spoilt little girl.Actually i know she is lol.
I now have loads more pics to i will catch you again soon with some layout shares.Take care Kerryxx


Karen said...

Tarkyn must have had a great time too, keeps talking about Kayla and the castle and cakes!

Joanne said...

Happy birthday Mikayla, it looks like you had a fun party. Love your new bike have lots of fun with all your new toys.

Jodi said...

Love the bathrobe and slippers look!! Shes so gorgeous!!
You havnt lost your touch then party mum!! And look at dad!! Very handsome!!

LEA said...

Looks like Miss M had a happy day and go spiderman! what a great sport Colin is:) having his face painted!

Janinek said...

Wow, you really did go all out! Happy Birthday Mikayla! Love your face painting, the tiger is soooo cool! I noticed that Mikayla did't go the tiger! LOL!

KarenB said...

Happy belated birthday to Mikayla! Loving all the photos Kerry. Your little angel is growing up so fast.

You've been tagged :) Pop on over.

lindy said...

what a great collection of pics

Allie Collyer said...

Love all the gorgeous pics of the party, M looks like she had a ball :-)

Love the playdoh layout too, the alpha border looks fab!

Allie x