Thursday, 26 June 2008

My layout for Scrapbook Station

Just an update on my scrapping,Janine from Scrapbook Station has asked me to join there dt .Thanks Janine it would be an honour and more so that it is a store here in Adelaide that i have always gone to since we came bcak here to live.

This is the layout that i have done for the shop at scrapbook station.It is using the new noteworthy papers. I will be dropping this layout off tommorow.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Here we are again

Wow hasnt the last week flown.I have been busy making cards.So far i have made 50 for the week. Plus a single layout as well as a double 8.5 x11 this was different for a change.

Also i have worked three days for Toll Tasmania as a temp.They were lovely blokes too so that always helps when you have to go to work.

A very old pic of Mikayla i just love this old fashioned car that my sister owns so does Mikayla.She still gets in it whenever we go to her Auntie diddies.Thats what Mikayla calls her her name is Vicki.She can say Vicki but dosen't.

Also i would like to thank Steph for her temp plate of the tree.It is a great design and i loved using it.And those very cute mushrooms are from buzz and bloom.Another pic from our photo shoot last week .The colours look wrong here it is a better green irl.Last of all a pic of Mikayla in her Dora hat isint it cute,also her Dora Trackie she just loves it.A lady at the shop today said to her oh Dora can you speak Spanish.Mikayla said i'm not Dora i'm Mikayla i had to laugh she was talking about her hat and clothes.That hat went on this morning at 8.00 am and it never came off all day until tonight at about 4.30 pm.I"m guessing she likes it.

Nothing much else happening at this stage.Getting closer to being a nanna again not long now.
Have a great rest of the week take care Kerryxx

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

I only have eyes for you

I really got inspired to scrap one of the pics so here is one of them.I also got some great buzz and bloom things in the post from Charmane they were adorable,the journalling stamp.also the the little heart with a tiny bird sitiing inside of it.Along with the tiny flowers that you can not see to well here on the bottom of the pic.Till next time catch you all soon take care love Kerry.

some pics of the little miss.

Well after seeing pictures that she had taken of katie i decided that i might take some of Mikayla using the same sort of idea.I had some fabric here rolled up.I thought that would do for the experiment.I laid the fabric over a park bench that we have out the back.Then i just started taking shots with my little model here
I have used photoshop on the images with actions colour boost on all of them and burnt edges on a couple.With these actions it really brightened the photos up.Thanks Janine for the tips.
That was done after a very frustrating around five hours trying to workout how to upload these new actions to my photoshop.Even a call to Belinda totally frustrated with a can you please help never helped.It is hard when you don't have the computer in front of you.She told me to go away and come back.So i did i went and made lunch for the little miss and i baked beans on toast.
Came back played around with it a bit more then someone must have been watching over me as i finally fluked the uploads.Don't ask me how i did it as i have no i really can be a computer der.Yes Belinda i know i can hear you now saying just go in there and play.Well play i did lucky the screen never got something thrown at
Thanks again Jolene for your inspiration and having such a fabulous imformative blog.I think it is great that so many of the girls that i know threw scrapbooking are willing to share some of there little tricks.It really does help.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

two more

I love Mikayla's face on this layout isin't she a gem.Love this paper so easy to scrap.

Bummer the bottom is chopped of of this one but im sure you can tell what it says.
Isint she just adorable little cherub. Cant believe she is nearly three and a half.
Well thats me for the weekend catch next week have a good week .take care Love Kerry xx

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Scrap with V cybercrop

Scrap with V have there cybercrop this weekend so if you like crops and winning great prizes why not come on over and join in.You wont be dissapointed.This is my layout for my sketch challenge.All the challenges are up now so dont be shy ,just click on this link and come on over..

Friday, 13 June 2008

What a week.

Well first of all i would like to share that as of Wednesday afternoon at 5.25 pm that i know longer have a job.Apparently my contract ran out.They assure me it is because they are restructioning i guess i have to believe that.I still have my name down at the personel section so i'm hoping that something comes up really soon.
Then Thursday i went to the scrapshop and picked up a copy of scrapbookcreations.My first publication is in there so exciting.Miss M was really excited to see her self in her scrapbooking magazine lol.I have adouble feature on page 56 and 57.Also a layout on page 78 princess.These are the first of a few more to come later this year.How exciting.
This is the one that i done for the double page article.And here is the other layout it is a pink gallery in scrapbook creations.

Also in the same mag there are a few girls that i know that are in this issue too.Belinda has a article in it as well as Leanne.Congrats on your simple style layouts and article thats fab news.

I have seen Lea,cass,Lu.Jolene has a two page article too.Karen got her layout published on the cover thats fantastic.Also Steph has a couple of layouts in this issue too.So i'm glad that i'm sharing my first publication with so many talented people it is one mag that i'll cherish for a very long time.So if i missed anyone that i know sorry i have only had a quick flick threw it and some of the layouts just bounced out at me.
And last of all i finished this layout last night i started it the other week at the rereat finally getting time last night to finish it.I was up until about 2.00am scrappimg and cleaning up some of my stash.If you have got this far you are going great guns.Don't forget if you stop by leave a message and let me know that you have visited.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

what i have been upto yesterday and today

Well for this long weekend i thought that i would just do a couple of off the page projects something that i don't do often enough.First i decided that i would try texture paste and paint so not like me but i thought why not.
I really loved what it came out like ,looks so much better irl.The colours are so different on the computer.When you see it irl life it is blue pink and white. I think i will do more of these.It is a canvas, stamping and texture paste The original idea came from something i seen on scrap inuque web site i thought why not try it at the worst if it didn't turn out just turf it lol.

My second project was to scrap some pics of miss M dancing at the fairies she loves it.Thanks to Jodi for the inspirationn on the wings album this is my take of what i like as well.
Well thats it for now maybe i might scrap a page or two tommorow maybe maybe not.I have some calenders that i must do first.I hope that this leaves you all well on this long weekend.mwah Kerry xx

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Scrap with V retreat

And her is Miss M at the zoo .Colin took her when he was on holidays last week they had agreat time.She has worn him out over the past week.She didn't want to go to the carers on Monday she wanted to stay home with daddy,but he had to go back to work so did i.

This pic is really cute of Miss M eating birthday cake just for something different.

And here are a few of the girls that are on the forum and the design team for scrap with V .Top from the left,Lee,Elizabeth,Wendy,Vanessa,KerryL,Karen,Leedle,Jodi,And Lea.

This is the second time i have caught up with Vanessa and Lindy.Vanessa owns scrap with v and she ran the retreat we all had a fab time thanks again Vanessa,Lindy works for Vanessa she is so funny and real scream.Waving to you Lindy.

Myself and Lea .I also caught up with Lea again she lives in Adelaide too and is expecting her third baby in November.

Myself and Lee i first met lee last year at a retreat here in Adelaide.It was great to catchup again.

Well thats all for me for now i hope you all have a great week.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I made it back

Hi Everyone just a quick post to say i'm back safe and sound.What a great trip i had.It was great to catchup with new and old friends.The class that i was really nervous about went really well.I had really good students which helps.

I will download the pics that i took some of them anyway and post over the next couple of days.And i will also share some of my layouts that i did only three plus a mini book.I was too busy talking.The mimi book Jodi taught us turned out fab just have to put a title on the front page.

Well i better go and get ready for work another day another dollar .Catch you later in the week with more updates.have a great week love Kerryxx