Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Here we are again

Wow hasnt the last week flown.I have been busy making cards.So far i have made 50 for the week. Plus a single layout as well as a double 8.5 x11 this was different for a change.

Also i have worked three days for Toll Tasmania as a temp.They were lovely blokes too so that always helps when you have to go to work.

A very old pic of Mikayla i just love this old fashioned car that my sister owns so does Mikayla.She still gets in it whenever we go to her Auntie diddies.Thats what Mikayla calls her her name is Vicki.She can say Vicki but dosen't.

Also i would like to thank Steph for her temp plate of the tree.It is a great design and i loved using it.And those very cute mushrooms are from buzz and bloom.Another pic from our photo shoot last week .The colours look wrong here it is a better green irl.Last of all a pic of Mikayla in her Dora hat isint it cute,also her Dora Trackie she just loves it.A lady at the shop today said to her oh Dora can you speak Spanish.Mikayla said i'm not Dora i'm Mikayla i had to laugh she was talking about her hat and clothes.That hat went on this morning at 8.00 am and it never came off all day until tonight at about 4.30 pm.I"m guessing she likes it.

Nothing much else happening at this stage.Getting closer to being a nanna again not long now.
Have a great rest of the week take care Kerryxx


Belinda Venables said...

Love the layouts Kerry.

Such a cute photo of Mikayla in the car - hasn't she grown! :D

She looks SO cute in her Dora gear! Olla Mikayla! pmsl!


Joanne's Blog said...

Great layouts I just love the tree, mushrooms and bee. Love the hat as well she looks real cute.

lindy said...

love your layouts
so cute photo of Mikayla

Brissmiths said...

Fabulous layouts, and I guess not long now until lots of newborn photos to scrap!