Wednesday, 18 June 2008

some pics of the little miss.

Well after seeing pictures that she had taken of katie i decided that i might take some of Mikayla using the same sort of idea.I had some fabric here rolled up.I thought that would do for the experiment.I laid the fabric over a park bench that we have out the back.Then i just started taking shots with my little model here
I have used photoshop on the images with actions colour boost on all of them and burnt edges on a couple.With these actions it really brightened the photos up.Thanks Janine for the tips.
That was done after a very frustrating around five hours trying to workout how to upload these new actions to my photoshop.Even a call to Belinda totally frustrated with a can you please help never helped.It is hard when you don't have the computer in front of you.She told me to go away and come back.So i did i went and made lunch for the little miss and i baked beans on toast.
Came back played around with it a bit more then someone must have been watching over me as i finally fluked the uploads.Don't ask me how i did it as i have no i really can be a computer der.Yes Belinda i know i can hear you now saying just go in there and play.Well play i did lucky the screen never got something thrown at
Thanks again Jolene for your inspiration and having such a fabulous imformative blog.I think it is great that so many of the girls that i know threw scrapbooking are willing to share some of there little tricks.It really does help.


Jodi said...

Hey Kerry!!
These photos are lovely arnt they!!
I can feel your frsutration with photoshop!!! Grrrr!!!

Joanne said...

Beautiful photos very professional looking. I know what you mean about photoshop it took me half an hour just to save a picture let along do anything to it. All I know how to do is crop and change to black and white. You have done very well.

Belinda Venables said...

Totally gorgeous Kerry! Well worth the frustration in my opinion! :D
Love Mikayla's top too - very cool!

Jolene Pienaar said...

Oh wooohooo Kerry!! It looks like she had SO much fun with the little studio hehe. Gorgeous piccie, glad you got some inspiration from the post!! :)

Lisa A said...

Hey Kerry,
Longtime no speak on here, loove those pics she is a real little lady...