Friday, 13 June 2008

What a week.

Well first of all i would like to share that as of Wednesday afternoon at 5.25 pm that i know longer have a job.Apparently my contract ran out.They assure me it is because they are restructioning i guess i have to believe that.I still have my name down at the personel section so i'm hoping that something comes up really soon.
Then Thursday i went to the scrapshop and picked up a copy of scrapbookcreations.My first publication is in there so exciting.Miss M was really excited to see her self in her scrapbooking magazine lol.I have adouble feature on page 56 and 57.Also a layout on page 78 princess.These are the first of a few more to come later this year.How exciting.
This is the one that i done for the double page article.And here is the other layout it is a pink gallery in scrapbook creations.

Also in the same mag there are a few girls that i know that are in this issue too.Belinda has a article in it as well as Leanne.Congrats on your simple style layouts and article thats fab news.

I have seen Lea,cass,Lu.Jolene has a two page article too.Karen got her layout published on the cover thats fantastic.Also Steph has a couple of layouts in this issue too.So i'm glad that i'm sharing my first publication with so many talented people it is one mag that i'll cherish for a very long time.So if i missed anyone that i know sorry i have only had a quick flick threw it and some of the layouts just bounced out at me.
And last of all i finished this layout last night i started it the other week at the rereat finally getting time last night to finish it.I was up until about 2.00am scrappimg and cleaning up some of my stash.If you have got this far you are going great guns.Don't forget if you stop by leave a message and let me know that you have visited.


Jolene Pienaar said...

WOW Kerry, what a thrilling magazine issue for you, big congrats!!! I know that this will be the start of a regular published scrap artist :)
Can't wait to get my mag copy now!! I have to wait for the contributors copy doh!
Have a good weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Great pages, congrats on the publication!

Belinda Venables said...

Ok - take two for this comment! lol

Firstly - a HUGE congratulations on your very first publication! It's been a long time waiting for this one to come out and now it's here - yay! I can't wait to see the mag!

Love the layout you just finished. I love the flowers against the spotty patterned paper. Looks great!

You know how I feel about the job situation. I think it stinks that they can just call you near the end of your shift and tell you you are no longer required! Grrrr!
You'll find something soon - I'm sure of it!

Have a fab weekend and have a great night scrapping tonight!


Jodi said...

Oh Kerry!!!
What a bugga about your job!!! I hope something comes up for you soon.
Your layouts are great!! A huge congratulations and i agree with sharing your success with so many other great people!! Awesome Job!!!

Brissmiths said...

Congrats on the layouts. Well deserved they are beautiful. I'm still stalking the newsagents for it to go on sale. Bummer about the job hope something turns up soon. I'm changing roles at the end of June as they don't have the budge to keep me where I am. Seems stupid given there is so much work to do but that's life. Good news is my stamps arrived today. Must go and play.

Leanne Stamatellos said...

congratulations to you Kerry on having your first layouts published this month - way to go - can't wait for a copy to take a look. Your work is beautiful and you should be proud to have them in the mag. Love them all!

Joanne said...

Congratulations on having your work published the details you put in your work are stunning. Sorry to hear about your job I hope something else comes your way. I love the paper in your last layout very textured. Thank you for sharing with us.

Lee said...

Kerry, so sorry to hear about your job, seems so unfair.
A huge congrats on your publication, yay!,you do such beautiful work.