Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Daughter of mine

Well we haven't caught up for a while,not that anyone probably reads this but to the one person that might we are all well and are of to Brisbane in a couple of weeks which should be great.This is the photo of Carly and i on mothers day.On the weekend i went to a scrapbooking retreat here in Adelaide i met a lovely bunch of ladies we had quite a few laughs it was great.Colin can't beleive that we can sit and scrap for so many hours but the time just flew.And to Lyn and Lea great job of organizing this the venue was fab and the meals were great thanks to Lea's mum.They are two very brave ladies to oraganize such a big weekend.And hello to all the interstate girls that came along also.Not much else is happening down here at the moment,only that we went to the footy and i was happy to see port get flogged by Geelong,Colin wasn't.Well have a great week and i will be back soon.take care Love Kerry

Friday, 18 May 2007

Happy 2nd birthday

Mikayla just loved her Dorothy birthday cake,
she couldn't wait to get her hands in it.She also likes everyone elses cakes as well blowing there
candles out,i thought that these photos were priceless.Those last two years have flown especially since we have moved twice in that time and had a baby as well ,not so much a baby now
but she will always be our baby.I hope that everyone has a good weekend and i will update more later.take care Love Kerry

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Tarkyn and nanna

This photo was taken on Anzac day.Tarkyn was three weeks old,dosen't he look so peaceful.That's is the one good thing about grandchildren you can give them a cuddle and then hand them back and still get your sleep at night.This layout was from the scrapboxx March kit inspired by the lovley Zina Wright.She now has her own stamp collection which they are all great.I first met her as a teacher at the scrapbookstation retreat early this year she is inspirational and is the first one to get met to write on a photo graph and doodle on a page,before that there was no way i would be game too.Thanks Zina.

Monday, 14 May 2007

mothers day

Thanks Carly for spending a really nice mother's day and to Jason for cooking breakfast for us as well.I hope that everyone had a lovley mother's day,as i certainly did.Mikayla gave me a lovely glass vase with a candle that her and her daddy picked out and also a new printer with a scanner,now all i have to do is work it out.Carly and Jason gave me a bottle of champagne and an old fashioned peg tin which i loved.I had a phone call from Travis which i unfortunatly missed due to the time.We also celebrated my girlfriends son's 21st birthday,and my great nephews 5th birthday.So all up one very busy day start to finish.

Friday, 11 May 2007

the many faces of Mikayla

The many faces of Mikayla,Daddy took these photos of me while mummy was at work and he didn't do a bad job either,soon he will be scrapbooking to hehehe.Mikayla you are growing so quickly into a happy most of the time,with a big attitude and a mind of your own.You can count to ten with some help and sing row,row,row your boat,as well as miss polly had a dolly.You run around and talk to yourself all the time.You made yourself at home at kindy this week when daddy went to pick you up of course you had taken your shoes and socks off just for something different.Yesterday you saw your nephew Tarkyn and let him sit in your old rocker and even rocked him,without being jealous.But when mummy came home you didn't want her to hold him that's when your jealous streak came out.You also seen your big sisters Kylie and Karen,cuddles for Karen this time not for Kylie ,you certainly have a mind of your own.Today your other sister Carly picked you up and took you to see the Barney show you were scared at first then you decided it was okay to dance along.Well mothers day this weekend and we wish Karen a very happy first mothers day.We have a 21 st to go to on mothers day afternoon,and not much else happening this weekend.talk too you all soon

take care Love Kerry

baby chino

Mikayla and her first ever baby chino.She was so pleased with herself after just getting her first haircut,fringe anyway thats enough haircuts for the moment.We sat down and gave gher a baby chino ,she drank every drop of it and liked the cup clean.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

I love this photo of Mikayla so bright and vibrant.She had a ball at this playcentre so i could not help but to scrap this one.Auntie Mel and i took her and Luke they ran a muck.They were right into climbing on all the big things not the baby things that were for there age ,no not those two munchkins.Mel had to chase them as she wore jeans and i had a skirt on so there was no way i was climbing up any ladders.Good on You Mel,i'm too old too climb on too many things now.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Sorry how slack of me i have to say a big thanks
to Sharon that helped me set up my new blog,
but i hope that she isn't getting to comfortable as
i have a few more things that i want to put on the front page.
Sorry Shaz but you are way better at this computer stuff than me.
Well i must go have a great day.Off to story time then work.

take care Love Kerry

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Our baby started Kindy yesterday that's what we call it

Mikayla had her first day at kindy yesterday.That was so sad i had to get out quickly with tears in my eyes. She just had a ball but she was also glad to see her dad come to pick her up.Last night we were eating dinner and talking and i told Colin that Mikayla had him wrapped around her little finger,with this Mikayla looked at her finger and became upset trying to get him off her finger.We could not help but to burst out laughing.I had to wipe her finger to show her he wasn't on it.Today we went to the shops and i allowed to go on one of the rides about her third time ever and her last i think.She wanted my car keys to drive that was okay but try getting her off,no way she carried on an absolute treat,kicking and screaming all the way to the car.She then tried to get out of the car seat on the way home screaming all the way.Loud music works a treat.That was my day in a nutshell other than going to work.
bye for now take care love Kerry

Tarkyn our grandson,he is three weeks here and looking just so cute.before we know it he will be 6 mths and so on time flys when they are little.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

simply beautiful

Here is Mikayla at her sisters wedding ready to put that little bag on her arm, she is just adorable.This would be the best photo of her on the day as Carly and Jason were getting married right in the middle of her afternoon sleep.She was a perfect little angel up until they wanted her to sit in the carriage of the bike then all the tears started.At the end of the wedding she was quite happy to dance and play.The day went off really well,and congratulations Carly and Jason.
I love this photo of you Mikayla and i'm really happy with the layout,you are growing at such a rapid rate that it is scary.You are going to kindy for the first time tomorrow just for one afternoon a week,before we know it you will be off to school.We love you heaps and you are getting to be a real character.

My Daughters

Here is my most recent scrapbook page,this is when Carly my eldest daughter got married,her sister Mikayla was in her wedding,what a huge day that was.Carly you looked so beautiful and i can't believe that you were not one bit nervous.We are very proud of you and we wish you love, health and happiness in the future.I still have a few photos that i'm going to scrap for your wedding,but i'm actually going to put in an album for me.Thanks again for being a caring loving daughter.