Tuesday, 1 May 2007

simply beautiful

Here is Mikayla at her sisters wedding ready to put that little bag on her arm, she is just adorable.This would be the best photo of her on the day as Carly and Jason were getting married right in the middle of her afternoon sleep.She was a perfect little angel up until they wanted her to sit in the carriage of the bike then all the tears started.At the end of the wedding she was quite happy to dance and play.The day went off really well,and congratulations Carly and Jason.
I love this photo of you Mikayla and i'm really happy with the layout,you are growing at such a rapid rate that it is scary.You are going to kindy for the first time tomorrow just for one afternoon a week,before we know it you will be off to school.We love you heaps and you are getting to be a real character.


kathie said...

Congrats on joining the world of bloggers ;)
You know already that I adore this layout - it's so fresh and girly and pretty

vicki wicker said...

looks like a mini mummy very good layout
cheers vicki