Thursday, 3 May 2007

Our baby started Kindy yesterday that's what we call it

Mikayla had her first day at kindy yesterday.That was so sad i had to get out quickly with tears in my eyes. She just had a ball but she was also glad to see her dad come to pick her up.Last night we were eating dinner and talking and i told Colin that Mikayla had him wrapped around her little finger,with this Mikayla looked at her finger and became upset trying to get him off her finger.We could not help but to burst out laughing.I had to wipe her finger to show her he wasn't on it.Today we went to the shops and i allowed to go on one of the rides about her third time ever and her last i think.She wanted my car keys to drive that was okay but try getting her off,no way she carried on an absolute treat,kicking and screaming all the way to the car.She then tried to get out of the car seat on the way home screaming all the way.Loud music works a treat.That was my day in a nutshell other than going to work.
bye for now take care love Kerry

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