Friday, 11 May 2007

the many faces of Mikayla

The many faces of Mikayla,Daddy took these photos of me while mummy was at work and he didn't do a bad job either,soon he will be scrapbooking to hehehe.Mikayla you are growing so quickly into a happy most of the time,with a big attitude and a mind of your own.You can count to ten with some help and sing row,row,row your boat,as well as miss polly had a dolly.You run around and talk to yourself all the time.You made yourself at home at kindy this week when daddy went to pick you up of course you had taken your shoes and socks off just for something different.Yesterday you saw your nephew Tarkyn and let him sit in your old rocker and even rocked him,without being jealous.But when mummy came home you didn't want her to hold him that's when your jealous streak came out.You also seen your big sisters Kylie and Karen,cuddles for Karen this time not for Kylie ,you certainly have a mind of your own.Today your other sister Carly picked you up and took you to see the Barney show you were scared at first then you decided it was okay to dance along.Well mothers day this weekend and we wish Karen a very happy first mothers day.We have a 21 st to go to on mothers day afternoon,and not much else happening this too you all soon

take care Love Kerry

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