Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Daughter of mine

Well we haven't caught up for a while,not that anyone probably reads this but to the one person that might we are all well and are of to Brisbane in a couple of weeks which should be great.This is the photo of Carly and i on mothers day.On the weekend i went to a scrapbooking retreat here in Adelaide i met a lovely bunch of ladies we had quite a few laughs it was great.Colin can't beleive that we can sit and scrap for so many hours but the time just flew.And to Lyn and Lea great job of organizing this the venue was fab and the meals were great thanks to Lea's mum.They are two very brave ladies to oraganize such a big weekend.And hello to all the interstate girls that came along also.Not much else is happening down here at the moment,only that we went to the footy and i was happy to see port get flogged by Geelong,Colin wasn't.Well have a great week and i will be back soon.take care Love Kerry


Stell said...

Hey Kerry ... I read this blog ~ great way of keeping up with your happenings. I also enjoy seeing your scrapbooking pages ~ gives me heaps of inspiration to get going with my lot! Looking forward to catching up when you are in Brissie! Love Christina :o)

Lee said...

Hi Kerry, it was really great meeting you at the retreat,love those layouts!

KarenB said...

It was great to meet you in Adelaide, Kerry - loving your layouts.