Tuesday, 29 September 2009

This is the last entry that i done for Bons Scraps DT comp i hand made the flowers and also glimmer misted the page.I was really happy with my entries.Unfortunately i didn't cut the mustard.Congratulations to all the girls that made it threw to the final five.And congrats to the new DT i hope you enjoy each and every minute of it .

And this one is of my mum and dad on there wedding day.I simply loved scrapping this for a change.I do have one of my mum as a young girl probably 17 that i am going to scrap next.I think it is the photography that i love as it looks hand painted.Mikayla was funny she asked who they were ,when i told her Nana and Poppa she said no its not i don't like there teeth funny is int she.But of course they both do have false teeth now .

Sunday, 20 September 2009

A trip too Maggie Beers

Well i told Colin that i would like to go to the Maggie Beer Factory in Nurioopta on the weekend.I didnt even know it was there.Lindy and Phillipa visted it when they were down here last week they told me about it.It really was a pretty spot and we had the nicest lunch there too.The afternoon was quite warm and it was quite the busy spot.Well worth the visit i think.
I managed to get my last round entry done for Bons as well.Plus one other layout from the Bon's September kit.I will upload the layout tommorow when i photograph it.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

My third round entry for Bonsscraps and a page from the bonskit for September

My layout out from the bons kit for September.It was really lovely product certainly worth looking at for a kit.The boy and girl kit were sold out in 12 minutes.Not bad is it.I added a couple of bits to this layout that were not in the kit.I'm sure that everyone certainly has stuff in there stash that they can add as well.So if you want value for money take a look at these fab kits each month.Gosh this pic was taken 12 months ago at least Mikayla looks a bit more chubby in her face here.I just love that hat. This was my entry for the third round.I made the purple flowers on this and thanks Janine for another beautiful photo.
I got through to the fourth and final round.I have picked my kit from my own stash for the last round.Take a look at bons and you can see my kit there.I have to do a layout with the complete instructions.So wish me luck.Am going to work on this over the weekend.
Well i better get some sleep busy week ahead.Have a great weekend.Take care Love Kerry xx

Friday, 11 September 2009

A shadow box.

Well i found this shadow box at a cheap shop and painted it and decided to decorate it.I love the end product.Lots of prima yummies here.Also thanks for the great pics which also inspired the end result.
Well we have a big weekend in front of us.Moving in about 8 weeks so i found out tonight new date as it was going to be four weeks.So loads of cleaning out and moving on.Not much more happening here.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

A couple of pages to share

Well i just had to scrap this pic of Carlys cake making effort lol.We always stir her about her ability to cook and she never let us down this time.This was her second time that she made this cake in the one day due to the icing.She wonders why the icing is all runny maybe by adding tons of milk might be the problem.As you can see Lachlan loved it he hasn't learnt to be fussy yet.Don't worry Carly sees the funny side of it too.

This layout like the top one was for my entry into the dt comp at bonscraps for round two.I made it through to the third round so it will be interesting to see what we have to do next.
The first layout was the September sketch with a couple of extra things added into it by Bon.
And the second layout was my own sketch and we had to add stitching and hearts.The pic on here is quite dark but it is very bright irl.
Also the second layout the photo was taken by my friend Janine.She has taken quite a few of my lovely pics and i have enjoyed scrapping them.The pictures do not do these layouts justice as i think the glimmer mist buckles the paper too much.I am really fussy like the the paper to sit flat.I should have ironed it lol.Thats it for me now chat soon.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

A day at the show

And the aeroplane ride she was looking down as it was rising to the sky i think she was a bit concerned.

The merry go round she loved the big horse

She thought she was pretty cool on this car it was really cute as the cars were all connected and Mikayla thought they were chasing her.

Mikayla was supposed to milk the cow i did it instead look at the stance on her she didn't want to do it.

My nephew Paul and Mikayla.
What a day we went to the show my nephew Paul and my sister we walked and walked i was totally wrecked by the end of the day.We had a great time this was the first time for Mikayla she loved it.She was really good too so that helped she only wanted one showbag so that was good to.But she loved the rides she had four baby rides then she went on the ferris wheel with Paul she loved that saying i could see everywhere .I thought she would have been scared bot not at all.
Well i have some great pics to scrap and a very excited little girl.Happy fathers day to all the dads and grand dads today.We have a busy one.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Our little grandson

I love this pic of Lachlan so sweet he is finally walking and he thinks he is pretty clever too.He looks and smiles at you then takes those very unsteady steps.Carly would love him to be not walking now he is.She is sad as she thinks he is growing up too quicly.
He loves givin out slobbery open mouth kisses and also pulls your hair at the same time.
I guess we will take what we can get as that wont last forever either.