Sunday, 6 September 2009

A day at the show

And the aeroplane ride she was looking down as it was rising to the sky i think she was a bit concerned.

The merry go round she loved the big horse

She thought she was pretty cool on this car it was really cute as the cars were all connected and Mikayla thought they were chasing her.

Mikayla was supposed to milk the cow i did it instead look at the stance on her she didn't want to do it.

My nephew Paul and Mikayla.
What a day we went to the show my nephew Paul and my sister we walked and walked i was totally wrecked by the end of the day.We had a great time this was the first time for Mikayla she loved it.She was really good too so that helped she only wanted one showbag so that was good to.But she loved the rides she had four baby rides then she went on the ferris wheel with Paul she loved that saying i could see everywhere .I thought she would have been scared bot not at all.
Well i have some great pics to scrap and a very excited little girl.Happy fathers day to all the dads and grand dads today.We have a busy one.


bon said...

great photos kerry, looks like a fun day!!!
i love the ones on the forum too, they are gorgeous!!

Terri B said...

Awesome photos Kerry!

lindy said...

Glad M enjoyed herself ...catch ya soon

Emily P said...

fantastic photos Kerry! they are so bright and funky!

Anonymous said...

you look very happy to be milking that cow... i think you liked it too

Janinek said...

Looks like Miss M had a great time, despite the cow incident! She isnt a budding farm girl, quite the princess! LOL!

KarenB said...

Hey chickie, thanks for popping in at my blog and for the great suggestion too! Looks like you had a great time at the show xx