Thursday, 19 March 2009

color combo 114 #

Color combo 114 # I just had to scrap these pics.Mikayla wanted me to paint her face a tiger so i did.When she was finished i photographed her then she went and had a look in the mirror.She looked and never liked what she seen coming back at her.She cried and said I'm scared wash it off now.We tried to explain it is just paint but no she thinks its a tiger.

I finished this layout the other night and she looked at it in the morning and screamed saying no its the tiger.I said that's you and she said no that's Lily.Lily is her imaginary friend.She hasn't talked about her for

I loved this colour pack i bought from a digital site i printed them off and used them for both these layouts.The pics are of course the little miss again ,she really did have fun in the water this day except when she fell over and got soaked.Lucky i had a spare set of clothes in the car.


Janinek said...

Both of these layouts are just lovely.

lindy said...

lovely layouts Kerry.