Sunday, 2 March 2008

The day before Mikayla turned three isint she growing up.

Isin't our baby growing up so quickly ,i took some really nice shots of her Saturday the day before she turned three.

Mikayla and her nanna Bell,she just didnt really want this photo taken sweet little devil that she is. This is Kate with Mikayla i just loved this pic of the both of them,Mikayla just adores Kate and she never left her alone all day. Here are the pics from Mikayla's third birthday i have quite a few but i thought that i would just share a few.We got her too blow out her first lot of candles at breakfast time.We had brekkie with her brother and big sisters and nanna and poppa.Then in the afternoon we had her other sister and family and godparents over for afternoon tea.Mikayla had a lovely third birthday and the weather was great.She loved each and every present and now we get to watch some new dvd's over and over gain.
Luke ,Tarkyn and Mikayla

Blowing her candles out with her auntie Neat,this was the second cake attempt as we tried doing an icream cake that was a disaster it started melting before our eyes.We had to go to the shop and get a plan b.This is what we came up with so it turned out okay in the end.
And last of all i have done a couple of layouts through the week to share with you.


Vicki said...

Kerry, She is just soooo precious!!

Happy Birthday sweet little one.

See you at retreat!!


KarenB said...

My goodness Kerry, Miss Mikayla is growing up so fast. Those are beautiful photographs.

Nina said...

kerry, looks like Mikayla had a great birthday. love your latest LO's to, i particularly love the 1st one and the gorgeous greeny blue tones...just fab!


Jolene Pienaar said...

Oh those photos are just MEGA adorable!! So sweet! Just adore those layouts too espesially your 'adore' one where you popped some blossoms under the kaisercraft paper ones, very clever and just gorgeous!

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday Mikayla!!!

That boy of yours is so very adorable!! How can i order one to play with for a while???

Lee said...

Beautiful birthday shots of Mikayla Kerry, they grow up so fast!

Lesli said...

Happy Birthday to Mikayala - I really loved looking at your LO's :)