Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Can't forget the little miss

Mikayla has been following me everywhere since we came home from Perth.She was singing mummy,daddy in the shower over and over again so i think she might have been happy that we were home.Thanks Carly and Jason for having her for the time that we were away i know she enjoyed it as she can't stop talikng about the wow wow's dogs that is thanks to Auntie Neat for saying wow wow's instead of dogs.


Lee said...

Hi Kerry, great to read what you have been doing recently, sounds like a great trip was had by all, your layouts are stunning as ever too.

Jodi said...

Hi Kerry
Ive finally done your gorgeous Mikalays page. I hope you like it. I had two goes. Number one went in the bin!!!
I dont think one should see the other personal work before yourve done their layout. after seeing what you did with my photo, everything i did with yours just didnt measure up!!! But i dont mind this one - used lots of different scrapbooking ideas.