Friday, 16 May 2008

A Mothers day review and a pic that i scrapped.

This would have been the best picture of my three children on mothers day.
As usual trying to get Mikayla to coporate is so hard so after about 20 photos this one is it.I changed the colour of the pic to a vintage look for something different.Thanks to Janine for sharing the website that had free downloads for photoshop actions.And to b for the tutoral on how to load them to my computer.

I did get spoilt for mothers day Travis and Carla bought me a lovely willow angel ornament.
Carly and Jason bought me a dvd Celine Dion live in Vegas,and some foot cream and scrub i think i get the hint lol.

And Mikayla bought me a love heart shaped box with Elvis on it.Just love him too.

We went to Carlys for breakfast and had a lovely bacon and egg breakfast,next year i think it will be Carla and Travis's turn to make breakfast will see.Thanks again to my beautiful children for making my day wonderful,also to my son inlaw for doing so much for me as well.And to Carla it has been wonderful having you share our life here in Australia . I hope that we will share many special days like this in the future.

This is such a cute pic of Mikayla i loved scrapping it. We were in the car coming home the other day.Mikayla was busy telling me that she was three and i said thats nice baby.

Then she continued to tell me that her dad was old.I said yes he is lol i told her how old he was and she said mummy your three like me arn't you.My response was i wish and she said i wish to mummy.

With that she then said to me mummy i ludge you this much with her arms spread wide.And i responded i ludge you too.They are just fantastic when they say cute things like this.What a pleasant end to my day i thought.What and angel.

Then when we got home something happened when we opened that front door i really don't know what ,but some strange person jumped into that sweet little girl and out came the monster child that we know and just love.She had decided that she didn't want dinner first up then when i asked her to have her bath another tantrum started and i mean a full on tantrum.

Got over that episode then she refused to put her toys away that she had been playing with.Then we didn't want to go to bed .After much perserverance from me i really was ready to pull my hairout and hers lol.I did get her into bed and read her story for the night. And the treasure said i ludge you mummy and i'll be a good girl can i have a cuddle.

How could you not ludge her.Maybe one day i will work her out but i don't think so.And maybe oneday she will realize that it is i love you but for now i play along with her.

Well i hope that you all have had a great week and that you even have a better weekend.Take care Love Kerry.


Jolene Pienaar said...

That layout just shines with beauty Kerry, am just loving those hearts!

Isn't it funny how quickly and drastically these little girls' moods can change arrrrghhh.

Hope you have a gorgeous weekend.

Annie said...

Wow Kerry, you have been a very busy lady lately! I love all the LOs on your blog and will look for the missing ones in the scrap mags. Well done!!

Lea Adcock said...

How gorgeous.
Sorry haven't caught up only just starting to feel better again.
Congrats for the GDT with ST too.

Lisa Pate said...

Looks like there is a whole lotta "action" love going around :)

Love the "I Ludge you" My Miss Liv used to say "I Lush You" and I miss her saying that now :(

helenj said...

Good job shes a little cutie hey?????
Sounds like the perfect mums day Kerry!!!

Belinda Venables said...

I have been meaning to comment and haev been a slacko and get sidetracked!

Love the layout - very cute...and I love the pic of your three children.

I just adore Mikayla - she is such a sweet kid and says some funny things.


kathie said...

Oh, I hope she doesn't change for a long time. Treasure the days of I ludge yous.
Oh, and I can totally nod my head in understanding to the tantrums at bedtime. We had one tonight. Full on gnashing and wailing. LOL.

Jodi said...

Kerry, Miss M looks just like you in that layout!!

Ceci said...

That's so cute Kerry...the "I ludge you"! Amazing how the moods change when they aren't even teenagers yet!

paul profitt said...

Great stuff.
I just found your blog and love it.
Look forward to reading more.