Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Hi everyone just thought i would pop in and say hi.Only four days till the wedding everything is crazy here.The weather has been good amazing i know.I have been walking heaps and of course i have pulled up lame.I have been on anti inflamortories the last few days.Well i have heaps of pics just have to download them.I hope all is well in Aus.I have been all around London and then up to the Cotswold's.They would have to be the prettiest place i have ever seen.So quaint and old.Not much more to say so i hope that all is well there.Take care Kerryxx


Jodi said...

Kerry your so lucky to have got there with the volcano. My friend has some English relos here at the moment and they cant fly home because of it.
I hope everyone can get there!!!
Wish them a beautiful day for me and you have a ball!!! Mwah!
Take care

lindy said...

Kerry it sounds like your having fun ...Hope the happy couple have a splendid wedding ...have a great holiday

phillipa said...

Hi Kerry, Great to hear from you and you sound as though you are having a ball! Take care of your leg! xx

bronnyk said...

Good to hear you are having a fab time Kerry!!! xxooxx