Monday, 27 July 2009

A day at the park and a 30th birthday

We never thought that you would pat the snake but you did mind you you didn't look lol

The python i had to show that i wasn't scared so i didn't worry Mikayla i am petrified of snakes they make me feel sick looking at them.
The phantom and Dora cute ha lol.This was dora Kylie's 30th birthday masquerade party.
Karen and Mikayla together i don't think Mikayla ever looks where she should little devil.

Debbie and Mikayla you can see where the brown eyes come from there dad.

And the birthday girl happy thirtieth Kylie i hope you had a fab night we did.


Janinek said...

Miss M sure has an aversion to the camera lens!! YOu are right, she never looks at the camera! I'm with you on the whole snake thing, they are icky!


as for the retreat isnt that why u have big shoulders... it was amazing meeting you.. and i enjoyed everybit of the retreat so glad u came and hope u come next year just so i hang it on you some more.. cause your JUST AWESOME... in every way.. and your right your old man is ridiculously tall.. and thats coming from the shortest girl in the world ..
big hugs