Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I came second in the prima bab comp i'm still in shock.

Well i can share my secret now if you go take a look at this
I was thrilled and very excited when i got the email.I was also very shocked to think that my album placed.

I really loved this album when i had finished it .I remember it just came together easily that was the best part.And thanks so much to the judges at prima for picking my album .I will post a couple of pics here again even though i have put this up before on my blog this is one very proud moment for me.I nearly didnt even bother as i thought that it would be not good enough as there is so much talent out there and im so glad i did now.


Ness said...

Wow Kerry, that's fantastic!! Your album is certainly beautiful and deserves the place. CONGRATULATIONS!!

lindy said...

Your book is beautiful Kerry you deserve it congrats again wtg girl

Belinda Venables said...

Congrats Kerry! Yay for you.

I'd never heard of it until I followed the link!

Congrats again - well deserved!!!


Janinek said...

Congratulations!! Yay! Way to Go!!! So glad you entered it! Make sure you bring it on Friday!!!!

Lisa A said...

WOW Congratulations Miss Kerry...Love Kosmo & Beaver

LEA said...

Kerry I dont why you are in shock, your album is amazing and gorgeous. Your creations are so perfectly prima! Congratulations:)

Giovanna said...

Congrats Kerry!! That is just an awesome achievement. We all know how good you the rest of the world does too!!


Domi (Paris, France) said...

Gorgeous ! I like ! I like !
Congratulations !

Leanne Stamatellos said...

Kerry - well done to you! I can see why they loved it and after looking through your older posts they'd be crazy not to see your talent. I'm really happy for you.

That fairy collage I created was all done in Photoshop. You can download backgrounds and then place your subject into the background. There is a fair bit of work involved with creating shadows and cutting her out accurately. Also, I found some wing brushes for free online and the magic dust - it was so worth it and my niece was mesmerised. thanks for asking.

Leeanne O'C said...

Thats fantastic news Kerry and the album is just to die for. It's so beaitful.

By the way I've just nominated you for a Kreative Blog award. Check it out over at my BLOG.


leeanne x

KarenB said...

Congrats Kerry, you rock!!

Gorgeous work chickie xx

Allie Collyer said...

Congratulations Kerry!!!

The album is absolutely gorgeous so I can see why they picked you. It is a fantastic feat to get a place in an open contest that I'm sure had a huge influx of entries.

Well done :-)


helenj said...

You rock darlin!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well done:)
This album is totally stunning!!!!!!!