Thursday, 16 August 2007

Heaven sent Angels

This is my layout that i did today, well take a look at the heading it is says heaven sent Angels.Not after today when Mikayla decided to be artistic with this layout she decided that it needed more colour and also a bit of cutting.She has cut this layout all the way down the right hand side with little snip evenly placed,then she coloured the bottom right hand corner.I caught her just as she had finished.She normally sits at the table with me while i scrap and she draws,i'm guessing that she wanted to scrap also.I was so angry i wanted to throttle her as two hours of cutting sanding was ruined in 5 minutes of her own pleasure.Colin came home just after this happened when i was still fuming and said well she watches you do it so what can i expect.That bought some calm to my thoughts.Well looks like i will just have to keep it as a memory.


Jodi said...

Kerry this layout is gorgeous. So loving your work.
Umm, by the way, youve been tagged!!

Lea Adcock said...

This is beautiful Kerry. I always admire your work.

Lea xx

Lee said...

Lucky you took the pic earlier Kerry, its beautiful.