Thursday, 23 August 2007

Well to my surprise i have been named Rockin' Girl Blogger thanks to Karen my friend from the scrapbooking retreat that we had here in Adelaide.Karen is also one of the people's blogs that i read at least once a week you can find her by clicking on Karen on the side bar of my blog.I am going to name two people that i think that should also have this little icon the first is Lea,she has helped me heaps with all the silly things that i don't know about up loading things to my computer and she is also a stamping up rep.Thanks for all your help Lea it is really appreciated you are a gem. And to the other Rockin Blogger i am going to name Jodi , she is a really nice person and she is currently doing the 365 day challenge taking a photo of herself one a day and posting it too her blog.So come on over and get your little icon and you can be a rockin girl blogger as well.And also make sure that you pick two more people to rockin girl bloggers as well and link them back to your site.As you will link yours back to my site.


Jodi said...

Thanks for the Kerry!! Its nice to know you think that Im a rockn blogger girl!! Will display it proudly!!

Sharai said...

Thanks Kerry, I'm honoured to be a rockn blogger girl too.