Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Here is a couple of photos from Lukes birthday party last Saturday,Luke is Mikayla's little friend that she goes to storytime with on Fridays .His family have been family friends with me for about 20 years we have now got children the same age.Melissa Luke's mum is Mikayla's god mother.In the photo there is Blane lukes buddy from kindy music his Cousin Emily and of course the ratbag on the end is Mikayla.

Well for anyone that dosen't know which would be quite a few of you i have applied for a fulltime dt position at scrap therapy i have been lucky enough to be chosen for the top twenty.There is only one more position left and the forum members get to vote this one so if you are a member come on and vote for who you would like to see as there final dt.If your not a member then sign up it is a very imformative site and they are a great bunch of girls.

The voting for the next round starts at the end of the week i think .I have to have my layout up by Friday night midnight.We had to use buttons,embossing and three photos i have this covered.I hope that you all like my layout.I'm working on it at the moment so won't be long and it will be up at the site ,i will post it here as well.Have a great week i will chat soon take care Kerry.xo

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Princess Lu the Scatterbrained said...

Hi Kerry, cute pics of your baby girl! Sounds like you've been busy and your layouts lately are totally fab!!! Best of luck with the DT position - do what you have to like we chatted about. Take care and see you round Cyberscraps. Lotta love, Lu