Friday, 28 December 2007

Down by the water

Luke and Mikayla on xmas night feeding the ducks out the front of auntie Neats.You were so busy xmas day that feeding the ducks was your relaxing time.You love feeding the ducks so does luke.

I guess that everyone had a great xmas we sure did.It was very busy and we were really tired as well by the end of the day.

Kylie slept over xmas eve,then Travis turned up at 7.30am to watch Mikayla open her presents.She was still asleep and he woke her up at 8.00am.She was not overly interested in opening her presents straight away but then after a few minutes she was.

Then we had breakfast with Debbie,luke,Kylie,Colin and myself.We then went to Col's sisters place for lunch with her inlaws and families along with Carly,Jason and Travis.

From there we went to visit Colin's parents and caught up with Karen and Tarkyn for xmas as well.Last stop for the day was Jim and Anita's then finally home too bed.

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francineA said...

Kerry that layout is gorgeous..well done!